Extreme Community Makeover; 7th Annual Clean-up Go: Westwood!

Neighborhood cleanup

Councilman Paul D. López, Extreme Community Makeover, and Westwood residents organize the 7th Annual Community Clean-up Go: Westwood.

The event takes place Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 at Crossroads of the Rockies, 2707 W. Mississippi Ave. Start time: 9:00 am

On April 22nd , the Office of Councilman López, Extreme Community Makeover, Crossroads of the Rockies, and neighborhood organizations including Westwood Unidos will be participating with over 500 volunteers in Go: Westwood.

Volunteers, alongside residents, will be cleaning alleys and removing graffiti, preparing a school community garden for planting, several art projects at Munroe and Knapp Elementary, beautifying Alameda Avenue and Morrison Road with help from the corridor’s business community, and helping to revitalize the neighborhood block-by-block.

“Go: Westwood is a great way to get volunteers and residents participating.

To see the long term community change that we all want, people must stay involved in their community,” said Councilman Paul D. López, who represents the area.

Resident participation has increased from only 5 people the initial year to now over 250 people participating in its 7th year, making it a truly community led initiative.

For future community volunteer opportunities, contact Angela Bomgaars with Extreme Community Makeover at 720-235-8847 or angela@extremecommunitymakeover.org,