The Rhythm Is Going To Get You! Gloria Estefan “On Your Feet” Review

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By Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media, Photos courtesy of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts 

How do you get back ‘On Your Feet’ after being told you will never walk again. That’s part of the premise of the Broadway play depicting the life of  Gloria and Emilio Estefan currently in Denver through August 18th.


“Best show ever!” screamed out a female member of the audience after a prolonged standing ovation at opening night for “On Your Feet” August 8th at the Buell Theater at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  Channel 2 New Anchor, Ernie Bjorkman, told Latin Life Denver “It was a very uplifting show, two big thumbs up” later telling his wife, “wow that was really a great show”.  Another patron said, “I have followed their music all my life along with my mother who was my date for the night. We didn’t really know all the details about their life so it was really interesting to learn about that and hear their wonderful music.

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The play tells the life story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan. How they met, their youth in Cuba, issues with immigration and family and their struggle to get their music accepted into mainstream America. All the fun and success comes to a crashing halt when a bus accident nearly claimed the life of Gloria Estefan. She faced permanent paralysis and was told she may never walk again much less perform on stage. What follows is a touching determination to get her life back without the pity of others but with the support of her husband Emilio and her family.



On Your Feet is a great time. The dancing, wardrobes, acting, set design and the music are all superb.  13 of the 28 performers come to Denver directly from the Broadway play in New York. Along with that five of the original band members of the Miami Sound Machine make up part of the 15 piece  salsa orchestra.


The rhythm is definitely going to get you. If it doesn’t then you simply don’t have any.

Get Tickets. As of this writing tickets for the Thursday August 9th 2pm matinee are still available for $15 with code RHYTHM