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  • Garfield County wildfire threatens homes near Carbondale, grows to 40 acres
    A wildfire burning in Garfield County threatened 60 homes, caused evacuations and grew to about 40 acres overnight Friday into Saturday, according to the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. The fire, named the Oak Meadows fire by authorities, started burning about 5 miles west of Carbondale in the Oak Meadows subdivision south... Read more »
  • Bicyclist dies in crash in Denver; driver arrested
    A bicyclist died in a hit-and-run crash early Saturday. According to Sonny Jackson of the Denver Police Department, the crash happened at the intersection of Speer Boulevard and Logan Street about 1:45 a.m Saturday. After hitting the bicyclist, the male driver fled but was arrested later near Cherry Creek Drive and... Read more »
  • Avalanche select two Finns to begin Day 2 of the NHL draft
    The Avalanche, following a relatively busy first round of the NHL draft on Friday — acquiring goalie Philipp Grubauer from Washington and selecting Czech winger Martin Kaut with the 16th pick — went to work Saturday for the final six rounds. Related Articles Avalanche acquires goalie Philipp Grubauer from Washington, selects right... Read more »
  • Aurora police ask the public’s help in finding 17-year-old girl
    The Aurora Police Department is asking the public to help find a missing 17-year-old girl. Photo courtesy Aurora Police DepartmentAurora Police are asking the public to help find 17-year-old “endangered” girl Fenix Stanford. Fenix Stanford was last seen near Mississippi Avenue and Potomac Street on June 15, police said. Stanford is a 5-foot-6,... Read more »
  • Sunscreen and rain boots are appropriate weather accessories this weekend
    Soak up Saturday’s sunshine and high temperatures while it lasts, Denver, because the evening and following day are expected to see thunderstorms. If the start of summer signals a pool day on the agenda, Saturday afternoon should fit the bill, with sunny skies and a high of 88 degrees predicted, according... Read more »
  • James Karagas, beloved owner of My Brother’s Bar, dies at 87
    James Karagas may have owned iconic My Brother’s Bar in Denver, but that didn’t keep him in the back with the books. He preferred his station at the door where he could greet people and lead them to their table for the best burgers in town. Karagas died on Father’s Day,... Read more »
  • Justices adopt digital-age privacy rules to track cellphones
    WASHINGTON — Police generally need a warrant to look at records that reveal where cellphone users have been, the Supreme Court ruled Friday in a big victory for privacy interests in the digital age. The justices’ 5-4 decision marks a big change in how police may obtain information that phone companies... Read more »
  • Saunders: Will Nolan Arenado ever replace Todd Helton as Rockies’ greatest player?
    I vividly remember Sept. 29, 2013. I was working the cramped and antiquated visitors clubhouse at Dodger Stadium, hunting for stories and tidbits on the final day of Todd Helton’s brilliant career. Helton, age 40, was a bit irascible. I couldn’t blame him. It was an emotional day and everyone wanted a... Read more »
  • Diana DeGette, Mike Coffman to visit border facilities this weekend as issue of family separation continues to smolder
    WASHINGTON — Two Colorado lawmakers this weekend plan to join a growing swell of politicians headed to the Texas border to get a firsthand look at the way U.S. authorities treat migrant families. U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette, D-Denver, and Mike Coffman, R-Aurora, both tout their trips as fact-finding missions aimed at... Read more »
  • Ask Amy: Vegas wedding leads to work email feud
    Dear Amy: A work friend was getting married, and she decided to have her wedding in Las Vegas. I was not able to attend the wedding, but I made her bridal veil, and participated in a group gift from work friends. Afterward, she sent a group email at work, thanking all of... Read more »

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BREAKING NEWS…Death Toll Rises to 12 in Oaxaca as Govt Represses Teacher Protests

Editors Note: Mexican government officials continue to attack teachers. It has been only 9 months when 43 student teachers, “normalistas” as ...
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