June 2023

Kids Just Love Bugs, At the Denver Museum of Nature & Science Thru August 27th

The inquisitive nature of kids is never ending. When it comes to bugs their curiosity is heightened even more. They find them fascinating creatures and are not afraid to pick them up, study them and play with them. My granddaughters are always picking up lady bugs, rolly pollies and other bugs showing them off in wonderment. So when the ‘Bugs’ exhibit opened earlier this year we had to go. To say they were enthralled with all the various bug species would be an understatement.

KOOZA: Cirque du Soleil Tent Raising No Easy Feat, In Denver July 5 – Aug 13, 2023

It litterally takes a small army to raise the enormous circus tent for the upcoming Kooza Cirque du Soleil production coming to the Ball Arena. More than 100 men and women huffed and puffed lifting the many sections of big top to it’s final position. Most of the workers are hired locally.

‘Charity’ A Mexican Trilogy Comes Of Age; Latin Life Denver Review

There is an envelope that rests on the living room table. Emiliano’s parents can’t bring themselves to open it. It contains the value of their son’s life as determined by him. They don’t want to know, so it just rests there day after day. Family portraits grace the living room mantle. Emilianos photo stands out with him in his military uniform proudly standing at attention. In in one of the picture frames there are flashes of the Twin Towers on fire in New York City after the 9/11 attack. Pope John Paul II has just died and the family watches on TV as the world mourns.

Beyond Expectations! Riverdance charms Denver Audiences: Latin Life Denver Review