35th Anniversary of the Biggest Latino Street Festival in the Northeast, Streaming Saturday June 27th 7-9PM

116th street festival
The Entertainers that have donated their Musical Video Performance to salute the 116 Street Festival Streaming Fest includes Toño Rosario, Robert Vilera with Jose Alberto El Canario, Pedro Miguel Morales, Steffany Constanza, El Prodigio, Los Barrio Boyzz, Frankie J, Toby Love, Max Agende of Aventura, Tito Puente, Jr., Kidg, Ambar, Eli Jas FT. Loupz Losada, Grupo Climaxx, Mafe Alvarez, Edwin Perez, Lady Vixxen, Daniel Simo, Hariel y Harvey, Actor Michael Delorenzo, Actress Alisa Reyes and a Crisol Cooking Segments by Chef Cielito Rosada.
116th street festival
As a result of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, that we all our experiencing, the 35TH Anniversary of the 116th Street Festival 2020 will now be presented as a “Streaming Fest” on Saturday June 27 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM (EST).  5 to 7PM Mountain Time. The Streaming Event Festival is expected to reach millions of viewers and listeners in New York and throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the world.
Nick Lugo 116 Street Festival organizer and President of the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, states, “we are excited to announce that our Festival 2020, “will continue as a Streaming Fest, an innovative two hour production of Top-notch entertainment, preparation of festival cuisine, archival musical performances, comedy segments and personality appearances.” The Streaming Fest will be produced by Ralph Paniagua and Peter Spinella.

The 116 Street Festival 2020 will be hosted on the 116thStreetFestival.com site and streaming partners include Mega 97.9FM, Amor 93.1FM, Viviatumusica.com in Chicago, El Diario NY, El Mundo Boston, VIVA Live TV App and Ora TV. The Streaming Fest will be promoted via these partners and via Social Media, Radio and print to a National audience.

The 116th Festival 2020 media partners with the Daily News and El Diario will be promoting the Streaming Fest in print and digital. And this historic event will include a donation promotion to benefit the first responders of New York via the Stephen Siller, Tunnels to Towers Foundation.

The event will be hosted by JI Starr, Alexis Ortiz, & Laura Ortiz

The Streaming Fest broadcast will be produced by Michael Max Knobbe and his Team at Bronx Net. It will also air on BronxNet.

The event is sponsored by Ponce Bank, Crisol Oil, Spectrum and William Schietzer and Associates.

The 116th Street festival has become a major part of East Harlem’s cultural experience thanks in part to David Acosta and Bob Acosta who created this event along with Nick Lugo and Peter Spinella. The Festival is a Cultural celebration of the Puerto Rican and Latino community and is focused around El Barrio.

For further information contact Ralph Paniagua at 917-446-3346 or Ralph@atlantino.com