All Unite For A Hot Summer’s Night! Concert Provides The Perfect Escape

Review by Joe Contreras, Photos by Ron Washington,  Kenny Ray Shead & Joe Contreras Latin Life Denver Media. See 3 photo galleries below…

It has been a tumultuous summer to say the least and yesterday’s “Hot Summer’s Night” concert in Aurora provided the perfect opportunity to escape all the political and social turmoil happening in our country and around the world. Even if it was only for a few hours everyone seemed to release a lot of pent up energy dancing, laughing, socializing and just having an all around great time.

Hot Summer's Night August 19, 2017 (42)
Victor Deleon of the Deleon Brothers Band told the crowd during their performance, “There is only one race on this planet and that’s the human race.” Hot Summer Night’s producer Cedric Pride of Cedric Pride Entertainment exclaimed, “It is so good to see the coming together of so many Black, Brown & White faces for an evening of music and celebration. Latin Life Denver was pleased to serve as a media sponsor for the event.

Hot Summer's Night August 19, 2017 (69)

The beer lines were long but nobody seemed to mind as the extremely well behaved crowd sang and danced the day and night away filing every isle way enjoying the old school sounds of yesteryear.

The sold out affair took place at the Arapahoe Park in Aurora and featured national touring bands Cameo, The SOS Band, Lakeside, Howard Hewett along with local bands Soul School and the Deleon Brothers.

Photos by Ron Washington for Latin Life Denver Media

Photos by Kenny Ray Shead, Latin Life Denver Media

Photos by Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media