CHAC’s 16th Annual Milagros del Corazon Fundraiser Bringing The Love Back Home

DSC_2671By Michelann Cordero, Photos by Shannon Garcia

Dozens of guests filled The Space Gallery at 772 Santa Fe Drive Friday evening February 13th to support this 16th Annual “Milagros del Corazon, Bringing The Love Back Home” fundraiser hosted by The Chicano Humanities and Arts Council of Denver (CHAC).


many of the  artworks were shaped in that hearts covered the walls of the spacious gallery. The 3 large rooms were filled with tables full of additional artwork and gifts. Guests who were busy penciling in their highest bids on the sheets placed next to each auctioned item while they sipped on beverages and snacked on appetizers available from the bar.

Volunteer artists were asked not design the heart as a valentine, but to make it a representation of their body of work. “Let your heart be your canvas!” they were told.

The CHAC Gallery-Denver began in 1978 and features the art and culture of the vibrant Chicano/Latino community of Metro Denver. Crystal Heille-Obrien, is the Gallery’s Executive Director.
Obrien proudly told Latin Life Denver that this is CHAC’s biggest and best fundraiser of the year. “This event helps us to continue our year round cultural arts programming!” she said. CHAC is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Chicano/Latino culture in the State of Colorado.

CHAC served thousands of children, with hundreds of different projects. They also served nearly 13,000 adults. CHAC runs 3 after school programs throughout the City and offers over 15 formalized education programs. The organization provides a visiting artist program and conducts art classes right in their Gallery so the children can be inspired by the art on display there.



The Chicano Humanities & Arts Council or “CHAC,” in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District since 1978, is dedicated to the preservation & promotion of the art and culture of Colorado’s vibrant Chicano/Latino community. This fundraiser supports CHAC’s year round, ongoing cultural arts programming which includes gallery shows featuring artists, poets, dancers, and storytellers, educational outreach programs for schools, gallery tours, music, dance & cultural festivals for more than 25,000 patrons.

Photos by Shannon Garcia for Latin Life Denver Media


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