“Chicano” Art Exhibit Opens at Museo de las Americas

It’s a Chicano Movement Revival!

Chicano Exhibit at Museo de las Americas Feb.12,2015  (42)

By Joe Contreras, Photos by Shannon Garcia for Latin Life Denver Media

The opening reception for the “Chicano” exhibit last night at the Museo de las Americas marks the third art exhibit commemorating the Chicano Movement to open in Denver in less than a week. Featured artists include: Carlos Fresquez, Delilah Montoya, Daniel Salazar & Francisco Zamora. The exhbit will be display through May 29, 2015.

Visting Denver last week, Eduardo Díaz, director of the Smithsonian Latino Center in Washington D.C., said that Colorado is making important strides in recoginizing the contributions of Chicanos and the Chicano Movement in the history of the state of Colorado “that for far too many years has been ignored, misconstrued or forgotten.”

Lt. Governor Joe Garcia said the history of the Chicano movement is important to the history of Colorado and that the movement is still alive today only in different forms.”El Movimiento is not just something for the history books but something we should use to evaluate how we look at the world today.

The “El Movimiento, The Chicano Movement in Colorado” exhibit opened last week at the Colorado History Museum, 11th & Broadway with their own standing room only opening recepiton. See Latin Life Denver coverage at: https://latinlifedenver.com/uncategorized/chicano-power-el-moviemiento-exhibit-stirs-memories-inspires-a-new-generation/ That exhibit runs through October.

“The Travelling Chicano” exhibit is currently making its way around the state and features the art work of Carlos Lucero and will be at Grand Mother’s House of Cures in Denver’s Westwood neighborhood on March 14th.
The exhibits date back to the 1960’s, 70’s and beyond and take an artistic look at an era of social struggle for justice and equality.

Photos by Shannon Garcia for Latin Life Denver Media

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