Denver Has Lost Its Best Friend, Long Time Northsider Dennis Gallager passes at 82

By Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media

Anyone would be hard pressed to find someone who loved Denver more than Dennis Gallager. His knowledge of the intricate workings of the city and its diverse history made him a treasure trove of information as well as a pleasure to be around. His walking tours of the city were beyond informative. They were fascinating and entertaining. Gallager knew more about this city’s lore than anyone could even fathom.

Dennis Gallager passed away in his sleep Friday April 22, 2022 at the age of 82.

Gallager was a city councilman for District 1, Northwest Denver. He served two terms in the House of Representatives, served in the state Senate for another 20 years before serving as Denver Auditor for another 11 years.

Amanda Sandoval, the current councilwoman for the North Denver district, described Gallagher as a “true legend” who will be “greatly missed.”

Dennis Gallagher talks about his background and the effect the Ludlow Massacre had on his life, with Chris Nevitt

“Dennis was a large presence in Denver. For decades, his public service was reflected every day — not just for his beloved north side — but for the benefit of our entire city,” said Mayor Michael Hancock, in a statement. “He possessed a sharp wit that was quick with an Irish phrase in any situation. While we may have disagreed on many issues, I never doubted that he loved our city. We’ve lost a storied Denver public servant. Rest in peace, my friend,” Said Mayor Hancock.

Gallager stayed busy all the way to the end. He most recently wrote a column for the North Star Tribune. His April 15, 2022 article titled “Denver Center For International Studies, A Beacon Of Hope In Denver Public Schools” talked about his beginnings in Denver and watching it grow to offer the type of education all Denver Public School students deserve.