El Grito 5K Run A Shout for Joy & Independence

Hundreds of runners came out to celebrate the El Grito 5K run commemorating the the “Shout for Independence” when Father Miguel Hidalgo uttered his famous cry for the independence of Mexico (the Grito de Dolores) there in the early hours of September 16, 1810, in front of his parish church. Dolores Hidalgo is the name of a city and the surrounding municipality in the north-central part of the Mexican state of Guanajuato. After Mexico achieved independence, the town was renamed Dolores Hidalgo in his honor. On September 28, 1810, Hidalgo’s forces killed more than 500 Spaniard and Creole loyalist soldiers during the battle for Dolores; 2,000 Indigenous Mexicans died in the fighting.
El Grito 2015 Joe Contreras Photographer (132)

Latin Life Denver was proud to Patron Sponsor for 22nd Annual 5K run which takes place in the heart of the West Side of Denver. The area has changed dramatically and surprised some runners who had not been in the area for a while. “Wow, said one participant I remember when these were the Lincoln Projects. Now look at it, so much has changed that I don’t even recognized it anymore”.
The course took runners from 10th & Osage to 13th Ave then south on Kalamath and then west over the 8th Street Bridge and back again. it is a USA TF certified course. “That bridge is a killer”, said Representative Crisanta Duran, who completed the run without stopping or walking. “You can do it” and “Si Se Puede” were some of words of encouragement many shouted to those struggling to get climb the return side of the bridge.
El Grito 2015 Joe Contreras Photographer (120)El Grito 2015 Joe Contreras Photographer (117)

The top 3 runners were rewarded in a variety of age catagories received beautiful tile plaques and the rest were treated to burritos and beer. There were many raffle prizes given out as well. Winners of the El Grito Shout competition won bottles of Jose Cuervo Tequila. Lindita Torres-Winters of Lindita’s Salsa and Channel 4’s Tom Mustin again served as MC’s for the race energizing the crowd with Zumba dance workouts that had many participating long after the race was over.

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The El Grito 5K continues to be one of the funnest races in Denver. It is now staged by the Colorado Runners Club, John Perez, President who took over the race from Leroy and Tina Romero who had coordinated the race for more than 20l years. “They are doing such a wonderful job,” said Leroy Romero. I am so happy this race is in such good hands,” he said.

By Joe Contreras, Photos by Alex Johns, Latin Life Denver…Many more photos coming soon.


Photos by Teddy Gomez, Xposer Photography