End Domestic Violence…Shine Bright, Purple Light!

Written By Diana Chavez for Latin Life Denver 

Nearly 3 US women are killed every day by intimate partners.

Andrea Popelka, a survivor and spokesperson for Crime Victims Advisory Council has developed a program to raise awareness for Domestic Violence.

Purple Lights 2017 (6) October is National Domestic Violence Month conceived to connect advocates working to end violence against women and children.

Andrea with her genuine commitment organized the “Shine Bright, Purple Lights, event to honor those who have lost their lives to domestic violence, to give support and hope to Survivors and Victims.

Along with Co –Sponsor Las Adelitas Living  the Arts, a nonprofit organization who provides passionate support for Latinas, who have experienced acts of violence and trauma, promoting their gifted talents in an artistically creative atmosphere.

Purple Lights 2017 (29)

Shine Bright, Purple Lights was hosted by Lucille Rivera, Executive Director of Chicano Humanities and Arts Council, on Saturday, October 7, 2017

The event was warm and  heart touching, with feelings of camaraderie throughout the evening. Dynamic speakers: Jesse Ogas, Executive Director of  Firefly Autism, emphasized the importance of educating our children on the qualms of DV.

Helen Morgan, Chief Deputy District Attorney with Denver District Attorney’s office validated the purple light on a porch gives hope and encouragement that there is help, and Patricia Grado, survivor and advocate reiterated domestic violence is just not physical abuse  but emotional and mental abuse as well.

Purple Lights 2017 (10)
Guests enjoyed Taco bar,  Face paintings of Purple Light Bulbs. Purple Lights were available for sale.
A painting done by Natalie Pacheco, a Las Adelitas Living the Arts artist was raffled off.  Photographs were taken by Celestina Popelka also with Las Adelitas.

Celestina’s photographs  and Natalie’s paintings  are on display at Chicano Humanities and Arts Council  (CHAC) Please stop by and take a look!