For A Good Time: Pretty Woman, The Musical

By Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media

You can take girl out of the streets but you can’t take the streets out of the girl. Or can you?

‘Pretty Woman The Musical’ is categorized as a romantic comedy but it is really is much more than that. It is about a woman finding her voice, realizing she has potential and dreams that just need awakening.

Olivia Valli Credit: Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade

Vivian, has become a street walker looking to turn tricks on Hollywood’s Sunset Blvd. She is intelligent, feisty and independent minded. Vanessa doesn’t belong there but she doesn’t have much of choice. Rent is past due and along with her friend and roommate, Kit De Luca, played by Jessica Crouch, who shows her all the tricks of the trade, they hustle potential Johns. Vivian just needs an opportunity, a break. She is a pretty woman and as in her opening number reflects she want to be “Anywhere But Here”.

As in the 1990’s film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, Vanessa Ward, played by Olivia Valli, in this musical adaptation comes across Edward Lewis, played by Adam Pascal. Edward is a businessman who preys on other struggling businesses taking them over and cashing them out for his own monetary benefit. He is lost on the busy Sunset Strip when Vanessa approaches trying to lure a potential customer. When Edwards offers Vanessa an opportunity to be his companion for a week their lives change in ways neither of them expected.

(L to R) Adam Pascal and Olivia Valli Credit: Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade

What follows is two plus hours of hilarious interactions not just between the two but the entire cast that makes up this very entertaining and fun production.

Kyle Taylor Parker Credit: Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade

Kyle Taylor Parker is worth a couple of dozen laughs as the “Happy Man” who shows up in many of the scenes playing a variety of characters. He even makes an appearance at the conductor of the productions live orchestra.

The music, the songs are amazingly beautiful and apropos with titles like “This Is My Life” “Never Give Up On A Dream” and “I Can’t Go Back”. The range of the voices in some of the numbers literally reach operatic levels. Your have to see and hear it to believe it.

Amma Osei and The Company of Pretty Woman: The Musical Credit: Matthew Murphy for MurphyMade
These pretty women, , Marcia Romeo, Rachel Garcia, Dominic Nel & Crestina Martinez came out to Pretty Woman the Musical to enjoy the play & celebrate a birthday. Photo by Latin Life Denver Media

Pretty Woman is more than just a pretty face. It is about never giving up on one’s dreams, hopes and aspirations. It is about recognizing opportunity when it knocks and making the most of it all while enjoying and making the most out of what life has to offer.

Pretty Woman The Musical plays Denver’s Buell Theatre through August 14, 2022.