“Gypsy Flamenco Fire” Lights Up Brighton

Flamenco_5Article, photos & video by Shannon Garcia for Latin Life Denver Media

The night was on fire at Saturday evening’s performance at Brighton’s premier entertainment venue, The Armory Performing Center, featured Rene Heredia, Denver’s resident Flamenco master and his Flamenco Fantasy Dance Theatre which gave a stunning performance.

The presentation included Heredia and two accompanying guitarists, Aaron Sarkozi and Ricardo Pruitt. The dou delighted the audience with sounds from far off regions of Spain, such as Andalucía.
The dance troupe included three lovely ladies, Ms. Diana Lapierre, Lili Hunter-Kupper, and Jessica VanSteenburg. These ladies with their smooth moves and fancy footwork provided the rhythm, (compas), for the various Spanish tunes, such as the melancholy Malagena.

Don’t miss the upcoming performances of this exciting troupe. Their next performance, entitled “Taste of Flamenco” will be held on October 21 at the Arts Hub Theatre in Lafayette. Following that you can catch their performance of “Fiesta Flamenco” at the Mercury Café in Denver on November 3rd.

For more background information and to obtain tickets for these performances check the website at ReneHerdia.com.