Hearts & Minds Soar Cesar Chavez Leadership Awards Ceremony

With heartfelt gratitude each of this year’s recipients at this year’s Latino Leadership Awards Ceremony at the Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales Library talked about the influence libraries have made in the personal lives and in their development as community leaders.

Mayor Michael B. Hancock and the Denver Public Library Commission honored four Latino leaders at the annual awards ceremony. Award recipients are Colorado residents of Latino descent who have made major contributions to the Latino community. The 2016 award recipients include: Pilar Castro-Reino, former library employee, recipient of the Lena L. Archuleta Community Service Award and Frank Fresquez, former library employee, recipient of the Eric J. Duran Community Service Award. The 2016 César Chávez Leadership HLatino Leadership Awards 201`6 (27)all of Fame inductees are Marlene De La Rosa, Department of Justice/US Immigration Court and Luis Torres, PhD, Deputy Provost as Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Titled the Lena L. Archuleta & Eric. J. Duran Community Service Awards and the Cesar Chavez Leadership Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony the early morning September 10th event event brought out many community leaders and past recipients of the award. The room was standing room only with well wishers and family members. The ceremony was followed by a reception featuring some of the best Tres Leches pastry in Denver.

Photos by Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media