Michelle Obama in the house! Denver Visit Empowering, Honest, Funny, Gracious & Hopeful!

By Monica Padilla, Latin Life Denver Media


Shout out to the Woman’s Foundation of Colorado (WFCO) as they welcomed the one and only:

Gracious and Beautiful Mrs. Michelle Obama at the Pepsi Center

Michelle Obama_2

Empowering, honest, funny, gracious, and hopeful! These are the feelings felt all over the stadium as Mrs. Obama took the stage last night, in her first appearance since leaving the White House.

Highlights of the discussion with Michelle Obama included an honest discussion of racism in America, woman using their voice and reclaiming their power, and the safety of women on the planet and in our own country.  She discussed the importance of woman creating supportive communities with other women to help heal our wounds and empower each of us to rise.  She made an important declaration for us not to be afraid of our country, she stated, “people are universally good”.  Mrs. Obama made it clear that alongside tackling issues such as housing, transportation, affordable health care, childcare, and employment, we (women) must look at ourselves and get to the root of why we are here even talking about this; why and when did we give our power away?  She ended by stating, “Let’s create a world where woman and girls are safe”!

What an honor for us here in Colorado, also the place where her husband was nominated for his presidential run for office.
In a packed Pepsi Center of at least 9, 000 primarily women attendees, the Women’s Foundation of Colorado (WFCO) hosted their annual event also celebrating their 30th anniversary. WFCO is founded on the principles of promise, leadership, community, learning, equality, stewardship, and accountability.


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The work they provide our state has made a difference in shaping the lives of countless women in Colorado.  The evening was unforgettable filled with testimonies of woman and young girls empowered by the work of the foundation, music performed by the young women’s group, Music on Record, and she was introduced by the diverse group of young girls in the Girl’s Leadership Council of Colorado, who spoke in their native language.   It was a beautiful intimate and gracious interview led by Lauren Y Casteel (President and CEO of WFCO) with the former First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama.

Let’s make a positive difference in the lives of our mujeres, lets us be the safety, the light, the voice, that makes difference in a woman’s life, including our own!

 Celebremos y levantemos a las mujeres y ninas en nuestras vidas!

For more information on the Woman’s Foundation of Colorado go to:    www.wfco.org

And a special heartfelt Thank You to our former First Lady Michelle Obama, a true hero and advocate for women-

may we walk daily with your example of grace and love in the world and make a small difference everyday with small acts of kindness-

Let’s spread the LOVE