Trump Approval Rating Jumps To All Time High Amid Coronavirus, Now Leads Biden

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CNN)President Donald Trump’s approval now averages higher than his approval rating has been at any point in CNN’s polling during his presidency, as 47% approve and 48% disapprove rating of his handling of the presidency, according to CNN’s Poll of Polls.

CNN Poll of Polls: Trump’s approval up amid coronavirus concerns

The Poll of Polls is an average of recent national phone polling conducted among adults or registered voters.
Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak averages higher approval, standing at 52%, while disapproval stands at 45%.
His average approval for handling the coronavirus outbreak is sharply improved from CNN’s first measure of that rating earlier this month, when 41% said they approved and 48% disapproved. Read MORE...

The bad news for Trump, amid his coronavirus poll bump

On its surface, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll is the latest to offer good news for President Trump. His approval rating has reached a new high — as it has in other polls this week — and the overall view of his handling of the coronavirus outbreak is yet again positive.

But this poll, perhaps more than others, suggests just how temporary that bump might be. Read MORE

Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump are virtually neck and neck in the 2020 presidential race, a new poll released Sunday found.

Registered voters opted for Biden by 49 percent over Trump’s 47 percent, the Washington Post-ABC News poll shows — with the president closing a 7 percentage point gap from February as his administration responds to the coronavirus outbreak. Read MORE…

Trump approval rating rises as he responds to the coronavirus outbreak

  • The latest Gallup poll, released Tuesday, has Trump’s approval rating hitting 49%, matching his best performance in the poll.
  • Th poll was conducted from March 13 to 22, around the time that Trump began responding more seriously to the coronavirus, which has roiled markets and infected hundreds of thousands of people globally.
  • Sixty percent of Americans indicated in the poll they approve of the way the president is steering the country in response to the pandemic, with 38% saying they disapprove:  Read MORE…