What’s Your Sign? Denver Women’s March Draws Tens of Thousands

Women's March 2018 Joe Contreras Photographer (104)

Photos by Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media, (see photo gallery below)

They came out by the tens of thousands this morning. Women of every age, size, race and color along with the men who support them. Seemed like most all of them had a sign to express how they felt on a several issues from women’s rights, DACA, President Trump and his polices and many others. “It’s such a beautiful day for Denver,” commented one woman taking to her husband and friends, adding “I am so proud of Denver and all these people who showed up today”.

Women's March 2018 Joe Contreras Photographer (95)

Why we march.

We believe that social justice, human rights, and equality for women and all marginalized people nationwide are shared American values. We firmly believe that there is still much work to do, and that real change will only happen when women are an active and respected part of the conversation.


Women's March 2018 Joe Contreras Photographer (100)

Until we have socioeconomic justice, and are active participants in a government that works for all of us, there is a reason to march.

Last year’s March demonstrated the power of women’s voices, and many women were galvanized to run for public office as a result. We believe it is important to continue the momentum created in part by the Women’s March, and serve as a forum for women and allies to express their intention to create real and significant change in our society. To that end we recognize that many groups have been working on women’s and social justice issues for decades. 

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