You Are Invited To Colorado Day of the Dead Fest 2019 Nov. 1st. Free!

Photo by Jonathan Garcia, Latin Fashion Week ColoradoPhoto by Jonathan Garcia, Latin Fashion Week Colorado

You are invited to Colorado Day of the Dead Fest 2019. A free community event where every culture, race, or religion is welcome. During the event we have an amazing parade, altar’s exhibition, activities and entertainment such as mariachi, ballet folklore, story tellers, coco movie characters, variety of food, live music, special guest and much more.
Norberto Dia dia de los Muertos_14
Our mission is to help kids and teens with art programs in which they learn how to do paper mache, artistic mask, paintings, create murals and bringing their creativity alive, all this at no cost. We also help kids/teens who been abuse in any type of way to have better self steam and overcome any situation. Together we will create the biggest day of the dead altar in the United States.

  • Tomorrow at 5 PM – 8:30 PM

    DCIS at Fairmont

    520 W 3rd Ave, Denver, Colorado 8022

    Hosted by Latin Fashion Week Colorado