$200,000 RiNo Support Fund – Apply Now for a Micro-Grant

RiNo Art District is welcoming applications for micro-grants. Grants will range between $500 and $2,500.

To make this program as impactful as possible, funding will be available to:

Galleries, artists, makers, creators, musicians, performers, teachers, and creatives in all disciplines

Small locally owned businesses such as coffee houses, bars, restaurants, and independent gyms, etc.

All applicants must currently be and plan to remain in the RiNo Art District

Please apply with integrity, and respect the spirit as well as the letter of these requirements.

To apply, please visit our website at

Grant recipients will also be given a free year of membership to RiNo Art District. Learn more about membership benefits here: https://rinoartdistrict.org/support/join

Applications will be considered immediately. Preference will be given to applications received before April 10th. Funds will be distributed within 30 to 40 days of selection. An application doesn’t guarantee funding. If you believe you could benefit from a micro-grant but do not meet the criteria, please contact support@rinoartdistrict.org for special consideration.

The RiNo Art District is a diverse community of galleries, artists, makers, creators, teachers, performers, and local businesses. These individuals and organizations are truly the heart and soul of RiNo, making it the vibrant, engaging, and independent place that we all love. We are committed to supporting these organizations during the COVID-19 crisis, and are dedicating $200,000 to a micro-grant program through the RiNo Support Fund.

If you would like to contribute to this effort please donate: https://rino-gives-back.square.site

– RiNo Art District

RiNo Art District Reservation of Full Discretion
The RiNo Art District expressly reserves the right to accept, award, reject, and/or not to grant any and all grant applications in its sole and absolute discretion. Nothing in this program obligates the RiNo Art District to select specific grant applications or any applications at all. Applicants and awardees, not the RiNo Art District, shall be solely responsible for determining applicants’ or awardees’ tax status and tax implications of applicants’ receipt of grant funds as well as any and all required local, state and federal tax reporting and payment.

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