A Fusion of Creativity, Technology & Mentoring To Cultivate Lasting Leadership Skills In Our Youth, June 10-24

museo leadership

Museo’s 4th annual Los Jovenes Leadership Lab 2019 will serve students ages 12-14 in grades 7th-9th, June 10th through June 21st 2019. This two week program will last from 9am to 3pm. The cost of attendance is $350 per student, scholarships are available but limited. The students will stay at Museo for the following camp which is scheduled right after the Los Jovenes Leadership Lab ends. This is our annual Summer Arts + Culture Camp where los  Jovenes students serve as camp mentors and leaders for our younger students.

Museo Leadership_1In this immersive two-part program students will build leadership skills and community engagement through web development and cultural studies. Each year the Jovenes use a collaborative based approach to work on a project together throughout the whole camp. Students will build off their prior knowledge of STEAM with a focus on arts and technology and will learn how to create and design their own website using tablets and website building platforms such as Squarespace and WordPress. This year’s theme for the cultural studies portion of the lab will focus on the country of Venezuela. Students will have the opportunity to engage with the current social issues of Venezuela and to craft a website sharing their thoughts on the current social issues in this country.

Los Jovenes uses current social issues and art to cultivate and re-affirm leadership and mentorship skill sets. Using web development as a platform for critical thinking and dialogue, students intersect arts, technology and social justice tools into tangible skills. Facilitating and empowering youth to reflect and utilize their own voice is a critical component to the culture of Los Jovenes Leadership Lab. Students will leave Los Jovenes feeling accomplished and empowered to create positive change in their community.