“Chicano Prom” Servicos de la Raza 7TH ANNUAL RAÍCES LATINAS Awards Gala June 1st

Servicos Gala may 19, 2018 (443)

Long time Colorado human services agency hosts annual fundraiser featuring dinner, dancing, live music, live & silent auction, and honoring community leaders and organizations.

Servicos Gala may 19, 2018 (296)Servicos Gala may 19, 2018 (431)The 7th Annual Raíces Latinas: Roots of Our Community Gala hosted by Servicios de La Raza (SDLR) will be held at the Denver Hyatt Regency – 450 15th St Denver, CO. The affair is open to the public with purchase of tickets or sponsorships, and draws hundreds of supporters and community members each year.

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Servicos Gala may 19, 2018 (60)“[Attendees] were there not only to recognize award recipients but also to salute an organization which continues to provide a multitude of social services to those who most need them. From behavioral health, HIV support, food banks, health services, vocational apprenticeships, professional mentoring, incarceration release services, voting rights & legal advocacy, youth support services and numerous other programs Servicios de la Raza continues to be at the forefront of serving disadvantaged communities of Colorado,” Latin Life Denver reported of the 2018 event.

Servicos Gala may 19, 2018 (288)

Beyond the style and class of the gala, often dubbed “Chicano Prom”, the main attractions will be the celebration of culture, diversity and the recognition of community leaders who exemplify the agency’s mission defined by Inclusion, Justice, Equity and Peace.


For over 47 years, Servicios de la Raza has responded to the unmet needs of, primarily, the Latinx community through dedicated programs. Their mission is: To provide and advocate for culturally responsive human services and opportunities.


The Raíces Latinas Gala begins at 6pm Saturday, June 1, 2019. For more information on the Gala, visit http://serviciosdelaraza.org/gala-2/, call 303.458.5851 or write to daniellen@serviciosdelaraza.org.

Servicos Gala may 19, 2018 (457)