Dolores Huerta & Others on Black Lives, Latinx Label & More at “Unidos Together” Virtual Summit July 1st

Dolores Huerta-Headshot

By Joe Contreras, Latin Life America Media

“Racial discrimination comes from slavery and ignorance” said Dolores Huerta, long time social activist and founder of the Dolores Huerta Foundation.

Speaking on a panel discussion on Activism at the Hispanicize “Unidos Together” Summit on July 1, 2020, the 90 year young Huerta said that “as Latinos we are not taught the history of slavery and domination,” she said adding, “Many of us do not know our own history”  questioning her virtual audience asking “How many people know that when the U.S. took over Aztlan, Mexico more than 7,000 Mexicans were lynched in Texas during that time. Yet at the Genocide Museum of Texas there is not one word that incident. Jews, Blacks and civil rights are mentioned but not one word of the Mexican genocide that occurred there.”
Dolores-Huerta-political-roundtable-2015-(50) hispanicize panel

In regard to immigrants in the U.S. Huerta said they too know little about the civil rights history of the U.S. “They know about Martin Luther King but they don’t know the real history so it is important to teach our people our own history and get them to be proud of their indigenous roots.”

On the Latinx Label, Huerta said she does not like it. “The reason I don’t like the term Latinx is because it denies our indigenous roots and these are the roots we should be proud of including our African roots.”

On Black Lives Matter, Huerta said it is important that we all work together. “The Black and Brown linked together are the deciders. We are the ones who can decide elections and many other issues even in places like Georgia, North Carolina and New York” she said adding the best way to get rid of discrimination, ignorance and domination to put our history in the school books so that every White, Brown, Asian and Black child can learn about one another’s histories and where the discrimination, and racism stems from. This has to be our mission,” she stated emphatically.

Huerta was joined by a power house panel on Activism that included Voto Latino President MariaTeresa Kumar, actor/activist Luis Guzman along with fellow social activist Luis Miranda Jr. who happens to be Lin Manuel Miranda’s father and several others. The panel discussion was moderated by journalist Paola Ramos, daughter of renown broadcast journalist Jorge Ramos.

See and hear the full panel discussion HERE