FREE Casa Milagro Theatre Aimed At-Risk Youth Between 13-18; “Rehearsing For Life” at Su Teatro Dec. 8

Casa Milagro

Casa-Milagro-Logo-150Casa Milagro presents to youth three FREE performances, ‘Texting for Life’, on teen dating violence, ‘In My Sister’s Eyes’, males disrespecting females, and ‘Placas’ on gang intervention.

The performances are short, escalating to a point of crisis and stimulate the youth’s emotions, they are asked to share their ideas to change the negative behavior to positive alternatives without violence.  They are invited to take the place of the protagonist and change the outcome. All three performances include bullying and peer pressure.  We present at public, charter and alternative high schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, Juvenile Diversion, former gang members, Housing facilities, the Bridge Project,youth events and conferences.

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We held a showcase of our programming for teachers, psychologists, therapists, law enforcement officials and community members.  We have presented  events for sexual assault and for the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault at the State Capitol and the State of Colorado, Department of Public Safety, School Safety Resource Center’s, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Intervention Course for trainers in sexual abuse cases.We have brought in School Board Members and City Council Members to various programs.

Casa Milagro

Casa Milagro Youth Solutions was developed in 2012 from the need for positive resources for children and teens afflicted by direct or indirect physical, mental, sexual, verbal, and substance abuses. Casa Milagro brought in the Bronx-based theater group, Pregones to train our group in the Forum Theatre techniques developed by Brazilian director, Augusto Boal.  Boal’s landmark thesis ‘Theater of the Oppressed’ developed a theatrical method based on the ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’, written by his friend Paulo Friere.  The principal process was that of becoming more human by developing one’s consciousness and utilizing this as a method to create resistance to violence, in this sense, creating a path towards anti-violence.  Through the use of theatrical and audience interaction, Casa Milagro has created a process for youth to empower themselves and has created a vehicle for them to address the negative effects of the systematic violence that young people face.  These sources can be from institutions or the internal oppression that often results in community and family violence.

Event Purpose

The purpose of the workshop is for Casa Milagro Youth Solutions to provide our youth with real-life scenarios and the opportunity to enlist their ideas for positive outcomes.

Benefits to Our Youth

Casa Milagro will act as a tool for empowering our youth’s thoughtful, meaningful and non-violent participation in their daily lives.  Casa Milagrowill provide a safe space and techniques that allows them to practice alternatives to realistic situations. We will encourage our youth to become more human by developing their consciousness. We will offer the challenge to reject acceptance of oppression and its negative established values, beliefs and behaviors.  We will remind the youth, ‘they were not just rehearsing a play, they were rehearsing for life’.

Primary Partners

Boys and Girls Clubs, Juvenile Diversion, Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver (GRID), Gang Recovery and Support Project, (GRASP), Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA).

Target Audience

Our target audience will be at-risk youth between 13-18.

Timeline and Schedule

Saturday, December 8, 2018

9:00-10:00 Registration and Breakfast

10:00-11:30 Texting for Life

11:30:12:30 Lunch and Entertainment and Drawings

12:30-1:45 In My Sister’s Eyes

1:45-2:00  Surveys and Gift Bags


Our work is connected to organizing, action and systems change because we are preparing our youth to deal with life’s challenges by learning and practicing cooperation, respect and trust. We are assisting the leaders and problem solvers of the future in creating themselves.