FREE Latino Leadership Webinars April 22 and May 12


Latino Leadership Webinars are FREE

April 22 and May 12

Stay Healthy: Learning is good for mind, body, and spirit!

Lideramos is pleased to present the April and May 2020 Latino Leadership Webinars featuring Latino thought-leaders and mainstream experts. The webinars are designed to expand your leadership skills, knowledge, and ability. Sign up for these exceptional webinars today! After the series, recordings are available on the Lideramos website.

Speak. Engage. Persuade.

 with Rosemary Ravinal

WED. April 22 at 12:00 Central Time

Being a savvy communicator is a must have leadership skill. Do you want to grab people’s attention, command a room, and captivate an audience? This webinar will show you how to be more impactful with your communication skills and highlight your personal style.

  • Understand why less is more to drive your big ideas home.

  • Train to the 4C’s: Clear, Concise, Credible and Confident.

  • Use body language, wardrobe and vocal techniques for impact.

  • Build rapport with your audience via memorable storytelling.

¡Learn Rosemary’s Secret Sauce for Powerful Presentations !

ABOUT ROSEMARY… An accomplished communications expert, media trainer & public speaking coach, Rosemary address gaps in presentation skills, public speaking and media readiness in bilingual, bicultural settings. She has three decades of experience in the U.S. mainstream, Hispanic and Latin American markets, and has held senior public relations positions at multinational corporations and non-profit organizations.

TUESDAY MAY 12 at 12:00 Central Time

Lead Yourself First! invites you to use your leadership experiences as a catalyst to engage the passion and commitment of your people. Learn to explore alternative perspectives, make wise decisions, prioritize actions, accelerate learning, and make fewer unnecessary mistakes.

Dr. Karen Y. Wilson-Starks hosts the podcast, The Voice of Leadership and is author of Lead Yourself First: The Senior Leader’s Guide to Engaging Your People for Greater Performance and Impact. She created the online course, Teams Empowered for Dynamic Organizational Results.

Dr. Karen is President of TRANSLEADERSHIP, INC.®, she has more than 30 years experience in leadership development, coaching, and personal assessment.

About Lideramos
Lideramos was formed to enhance existing Latino Leadership Programs and to intiate programs where none exist. America’s future is closely tied to the preparation and deployment of a critical mass of Latino Leaders. For more information: