Have Some Gratitude With Your Thanksgiving Dinner, It’s Good For You…

Thanksgiving art

Juana Bordas head shot_2By Juana Bordas

We cannot let the current political climate divide our nation or dismantle gains we’ve made in building our diverse society. Thanksgiving is a day that celebrates our diversity and recognizes the contributions of American Indians, our early settlers (who were immigrants) and the many immigrants who followed and made our nation great.

  On this special day let’s give thanks for our nation and strengthen our resolve to fulfill the promise of America. Let us be grateful for the those who have stood up and spoken out for justice, equality, and the common good! And for those who continue this work today!   GRATITUDE CAN HEAL OUR NATION!

Praise for the Thanksgiving Turkey 

The turkey sybolizes the “give-away”  ceremony of many native tribes where possessions and gifts were gladly given. For this reason this noble animal represents generosity, abundance, community, acknowledging and sharing.

Turkeys are native to the Americas. Europeans

incorrectly identified them as a type of guineafowl – birds that typically came from the country of Turkey.

Before this, indigenouspeople called them

Guajalotés and the Spanish – Pavos. On Thanksgiving let’s give thanks for the

Guajalotés. Benjamin Franklin thought they should be our national


GRACIAS from Juana to the
wise and caring folks who are cultivating our multicultural society. Let us renew our commitment to diversity, to showing respect for others, and  to building an inclusive and compassionate society.
Give the Gift of Knowledge
“Saber es Poder” – means Knowledge is Power. This holiday season gift one of Juana’s book and give the gift of knowledge.
Holiday Special: Contact juanabordas@gmail to send a book signed and gift wrapped to your boss, a friend, your Congressional representative, your professor, any one who would benefit from learning about Latino power!!!

GRATITUDE is more even powerful than Love…

Gratitude puts Love into ACTION by recognizing the good and positive about a person or situation. Gratitude is good for the receiver, but the real magic is that those who practice gratitude benefit even more. Gratitude it is GOOD for you! Here is 5 ways gratitude benefits you!

1. Grateful people tend to be more optimistic, a 

characteristic researchers say boosts the immune system. So gratitude is good for your health. 

2. Being more optimistic brings positive energy, more joy and happiness into your life. This maintains a brighter view of the future. Let us be optimistic about our future as a nation.

3. Saying “thank you” increases your generosity and compassion which  has a positive effect on relationships. Showing appreciation is good for everybody. So be generous with your positive feedback and praise.

4. Gratitude builds a positive “team-spirit,” work environment, and a happy home. When people appreciate one another they get along better and accomplish more! Appreciate people that are different than you — you can learn so much from them.

5. Count your blessings – not sheep! As you drift off to sleep take a few minutes to say thank you for at least 3 good thingsthat happened that day. Studies on people who keep a gratitude journal reported improved sleep which has a positive impact on moods.

 Gracias: Gratitude Promotes Healing  

Think of someone you do not agree with (and this can be family, friend or at work). Find something about them you are grateful for and then decide if you can emulate this. Everyone has a positive quality to offer you!

Here is mine: A friend of mine is very thrifty and a good “money manager” and therefore has a nicer home and more financial security than I do. I am grateful that she has set this example. It has encouraged me to take better care of my financial future.

Gratitude and Healing #2
Around the Thanksgiving table have each person share something they are grateful for in another person.  Or take turns having everyone say something they are admire to one person at a time. Bring in a attitude of gratitude to the Thanksgiving Table.



Make thank you a daily practice in your life. Each day note good things that come your way. Start with the simple things: a good cup of coffee, a comfortable bed, a friend’s smile, good food, even running water or a warm house.

Every night before I go to bed I say thank you for at least 3 good things. Just think if I put these in a jar. In one year I would have 1,095 reasons to be grateful. OK my cat would show up many times!

A study by University of California Davis professor Robert Emmons found that those who listed 5 things they felt grateful for in a weekly gratitude journal reported fewer health problems and greater optimism than those who didn’t.