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SEPTEMBER 24-25, 2020
Rosemary Ravinal
Rosemary Ravinal
Bilingual, Bi-cultural Communications Expert, including Media Readiness Trainer, Public Speaking Coach and Spokesperson
What’s Your Zoom Score?
Are virtual meetings, events, and classes stifling your creativity and impact? Join us to learn essential tips to advance to the next level of Zoom mastery: un better virtual meetings, improve your Zoom “brand,” and communicate clearly. Get your Zoom scorecard to improve your on-line presence. Virtual is here to stay so get good at it!


Gisselle Rodriquez (L)
Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube
Selena Christian (R)
Program Manager at Google
Tools for Latinx Nonprofits to Amplify their Message and Funding 
Ms. Rodriquez and Ms. Christian will share practical tips on how you and Latinx nonprofits can amplify your message, expand your supporters, and create funding opportunities for your cause. Learn about the special services Google offers nonprofits.
Juan Escalante
DACA – Immigrant Advocate and Online Strategist
Immigrant Rights are Civil Rights
Immigrants face unprecedented threats under Trump’s Administration, making life more difficult for undocumented communities. With a presidential election around the corner, immigrants and their allies will have to make difficult decisions about which policies or campaign strategies protect immigrant families. Learn how to use Digital Tools to be on the front lines fighting for immigrant rights.
Dr. Patrisia Gonzales
Author of Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing
Connect to the Power of Ancestry
The Latino culture is grounded in our indigenous past. Becoming a Latino leader requires embracing the wisdom of our ancestors and understanding the relationship of body, mind, spirit, environment, and community. Integrating our past gives us the power to do our work, find balance, and connect to the strength of our ancestry. Learn more as Dr. Gonzales joins us for this hour.
Dr. Rogelio Sáenz
Professor and Author
Numbers Don’t LIE!
“Leveraging Demographics to Empower and Activate Latino Leaders”
Yes! We all know about exploding demographics – but so what? We need to use our numbers to achieve political equity, social justice, and to impact critical issues such as education and immigration. A respected demographer and activist, Dr. Rogelio Sáenz is co-author of Latinos in the United States: Diversity and Change and Professor at the University of Texas, San Antonio.
Multicultural Leadership Academy Alum
Expand Brown-Black Collaboration in your Community!
  • Join a conversation with graduates of The Latino Policy Forum’s Multicultural Leadership Academy whose mission is to encourage intercultural collaboration and social action. Achieving equity and justice will require Brown and Black communities to work together. Learn how to promote this crucial collaboration in your organization and community.


Lideramos was formed to enhance existing Latino Leadership Programs and to initiate programs where none exist. America’s future is closely tied to the preparation and deployment of a critical mass of Latino Leaders.
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