Delores Huerta: “Ted Cruz Would Make A Disastrous President” Trump Loses

With the Republican Iowa caucus results in, civil rights legend and People For the American Way board member Dolores Huerta stated:

Dolores-Huerta-political-roundtable-2015-(46)“To win the Iowa caucus, he campaigned across the state with dangerous far-right leaders like Rep. Steve King, who called DREAMers drug dealers with ‘calves the size of cantaloupes.’ As a Senator, Ted Cruz voted against raising the minimum wage, against student loan reform, against paid sick leave. His agenda is dangerously extreme. We can’t afford a Ted Cruz presidency.
“But the fact is, it’s not just Cruz or Trump that have adopted rhetoric and policy positions that could be devastating to our communities. Marco Rubio, who placed third tonight, has followed in the footsteps of Cruz and Trump. In recent weeks, Rubio has taken a hard-right turn, painting all immigrants as possible terrorists. That’s both offensive and dangerous to immigrants across the country.”