Aztec Dancers Celebrate Summer Solstice at La Raza Park

Despite temps in the high 90’s Dozens of Aztec Dancers came out to Denver’s La Raza Park to join GRUPO TLALOC DE COLORAZTLAN In their Traditional Ceremony in honor of the Summer solstice , TLALOC AND TO PRAY FOR THE RAINS WHICH NOURISH THIS YEARS CROPS
Aztec Dancers at La Raza Park Summer 2016 (69)

A new mural on the inside roof of the pyramid was also unveiled to everyone’s amazement. Definitely get out to the park at 38th & Navajo to check out this incredible work.

Denver District 1 councilman Rafael Espinoza circulated petitions asking for signatures to permanently change the name of the park from Columbus Park to La Raza Park.

The Importance of Music and Dance in the Aztec Culture

As with art, Aztec music and dance were both performed to please the gods. It was not done for entertainment or to show off knowledge or skill. In fact, the Aztec culture and religion tied music and dance into its daily life and ceremonies. Certain musical instruments used in the Aztec culture were considered to be holy and mistakes made while playing the instruments were thought to be offensive to the gods. The music was generally used to accompany Aztec dance, which was considered to be a prayer-like ritual. It also expressed political, social, and cultural issues.