September 2019

Cosmico Americas Dazzles Denver, Biennial of The Americas Festival Ends

OZO_MATLI! OZO_MATLI…An Energizing Good Time, Biennial of the America’s Parties On!

Jorge Ramos & Sir Richard Branson Discuss Diversity & Empathy…Biennial of the Americas 2019

Happy Feelings….3rd Annual “Latin Beats Sonidos de las Americas” Brings Joy To Denver

The Biennial of the Americas 2019 Festival Officially Is Underway, But We Already Have Highlights From Yesterday!

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Back To The Funkinhood, Con Funk shun’s Eric EQ Young In Denver Oct. 16th

Only 3 Days Left To See Awe Inspiring ‘Altar’d Continuum’: Resistance and Empowerment in Sacred Spaces Opens at Museo de las Americas, Ends Feb. 1st

Miss Saigon, The American Dream Gone Bad? Latin Life Denver Theatre Review

Latina Leader Juana Bordas To Receive International Leadership Life-Time Achievement Award In Canada, Oct. 26th

Celebrate The Legacy of Chicano/a Muralists ‘Para Mi Pueblo’ Sept. 14 -Dec. 22nd McNichols Building

From the late 1960s to the present, Chicano/a muralists have actively transformed the urban landscapes of Colorado, creating public images that celebrate the diversity and history…