LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede, the law school pipeline mentoring program started a year
ago by federal judge Christine M. Arguello, has selected Lorenzo Trujillo, a deeply respected and
trailblazing lawyer from Colorado, as its first President of the Board of Directors.
The LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede Board’s choice of Dr. Trujillo, who also has a doctorate in
education, caps an incredible year of growth for the young organization, which is celebrating the
recent academic successes of its twelve inaugural fellows, who are supported by a dedicated team of
thirty-six attorney/law student mentors.
Judge Arguello, LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede’s founder, will continue to be involved and will
participate as a member of the LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede Advisory Council. Working with other
organizations, including the Hispanic National Bar Association, Judge Arguello will also assist with
the development of similar mentoring programs in other states.
“I am ecstatic about handing the reins to Lorenzo because his heart and soul are in education and
assisting our community, especially our youth and especially those passionate about the law,” Judge
Arguello said. “Under Lorenzo’s capable leadership, in the next four years, LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se
Puede will have sixty students and well over a hundred lawyers working for the common goal of
success in the program.”
Lorenzo Trujillo Head Shot
A former professor and dean at the University of Colorado Law School, Dr. Trujillo brings to Law
School…Sí Se Puede more than thirty years of experience in the legal and education professions. His
depth of expertise in these fields is matched by his breadth of experience in high-level management
positions throughout the course of his remarkable professional career. Dr. Trujillo has led numerous
statewide taskforces at the request of Colorado’s legislature and the Chief Justice of the Colorado
Supreme Court, served as General Counsel for the Hispanic National Bar Association, and led the
National Association of Council for Children as its Deputy Director.

Upon accepting, Trujillo stated, “It is truly an honor for me to be able to assume the Presidency of
LAW SCHOOL…Si Se Puede. Our youth represent our hope and investment in the future of
America. The mentoring that current attorneys provide to aspiring future legal professionals is
critical to establishing a more representative and equitable American legal system. Access to justice
to promote fairness and equity for every person is my passion.

LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede will
open the doors of possibility for traditionally under-represented youth to enter into the portals of the
legal system for the benefit of all Americans.”“Lorenzo is the perfect leader and visionary needed to help us take LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede to
the next level,” said Roberto Ramírez, Public Relations & Community Outreach Director for LAW
SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede. “He is already thinking about the most pressing tasks at hand: how we can
meet—and exceed—our recruitment objectives for new fellows and attorney mentors in the coming

LAW SCHOOL…Si Se Puede’s mission is to expand the pipeline to law school for diverse applicants
by matching entering college freshman who are interested in becoming lawyers with mentors who
will guide them through college with the goal of helping them receive admission to the law school of
their choice. Through exposure programs, LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede also demystifies the law
school application process and provides valued skill-building workshops and other opportunities to
prepare Fellows for success in college, law school, and beyond.

LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede’s inaugural class of 2014 Fellows consists of two black and ten
Hispanic students, eight of whom are women and all but one of whom are first-generation college
students. All the Fellows graduated from Colorado high schools. They attend college at Colorado
State University, Metropolitan State University, Loyola University – Chicago, Syracuse University,
the University of Colorado, and the University of Denver. LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede’s inaugural
class of Fellow profiles—and the profiles of the current mentor class—are available on the LAW
SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede website: http://lawschoolsisepuede.org/
“I feel blessed to have been selected to be a Fellow in LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede,” said Alma
Hinojosa, a freshman at the University of Colorado-Boulder, “Judge Arguello has been such an
inspiration to me, even on the toughest days at CU. I know that if she could succeed at CU, then I
can too, especially because I have three strong mentors who can guide me along the way.”

LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede currently is seeking between twelve to fifteen students for its 2015
Class of Fellows. Law School…Sí Se Puede seeks highly motivated students who are interested in
becoming lawyers and who: (1) will start college in Fall 2015; (2) have a connection to Colorado
(though students need not attend college in Colorado); and (3) are members of groups that are
traditionally under-represented in the law. In particular, LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede encourages
low-income students, students of color, and/or first-generation college students to apply.
Applications are available through the Law School…Sí Se Puede website.

For further information about LAW SCHOOL…Sí Se Puede, please visit
http://lawschoolsisepuede.org/ or contact Roberto Ramírez at 303-396-9909 or


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