History Colorado seeks to preserve diversity heritage sites

 In an effort to recognize and celebrate Colorado’s diverse heritage, the Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (OAHP) is requesting help to identify historic places of diversity.

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, OAHP seeks to partner with communities to document and educate about these places, as well as provide information about historic preservation incentives. The team is hoping to identify historic places that relate to women’s history, African-American, Asian-American and Pacific Islander, LGBTQ, Latino, and urban Native American communities across Colorado.

“The stories of Colorado’s diverse heritage are not always as well known, but they contribute so much to the richness of Colorado’s history and places,” Astrid Liverman of OAHP said. “This effort seeks to engage the public to better identify and celebrate these places and the incredible history they represent.”

This initiative includes crowd-sourcing place-based stories, the development of broader histories, gathering oral histories from community leaders, and promoting nomination of significant places to the National Register of Historic Places where community interest exists.

The public is invited to share their knowledge of these locations through the following link:



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Jonathan Raab
Preservation Communications Manager