Don’t Miss La Malinche, “Malinalli on the Rocks” at Museo de las Americas Thru July 23, 2022

La Malinche, 2021 Artist: Quintin Gonzalez

Explore, through paintings, installations and mixed media works, one of the most enigmatic historical figures of the Americas: La Malinche. Exhibit runs through July 23, 2022 at Museo de las Americas is located at 861 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO.

Cecilia Concepción Álvarez, La Malinche Tenía Sus Razones (La Malinche had her reasons), 1995. Acrylic paint on amate paper; 34-1/2 x 27 in. Courtesy of the artist. ©Cecilia Concepción Álvarez.

La Malinche (Marina or Malinalli) was born in Mexico in the early 1500s; the chronicles mention that she was an Indigenous woman who was later given as a slave to the Spaniards by a Mayan lord. La Malinche later became an interpreter for the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés during his conquest of the Aztec Empire. La Malinche and Hernán Cortés had a child named Martin Cortés, one of the first known Mestizos.

The story of La Malinche is one immerse in myth and tinted by the interests of the men that wrote history. Perhaps a story we were conditioned to believe in.
“If we remove the patriarchal lens and Eurocentric
vantage, what we confront is a powerful presence, a
woman that survived, overcame adversity, fulfilling
the destiny foretold to her parents the night that she
was born. She is Malinalli Tenepal, the wild weed and
the one that talks too much with enthusiasm and
fluidity” said Maruca G. Salazar, Curator of Malinalli
on the Rocks.

Maruca Salazar, Curator for “Malinalli On The Rocks” . Photo by Mellisa Quesada, Latin Life Denver Media

“Museo de las Americas is excited to have Maruca back at Museo curating a show that reflects on her challenging curatorial perspective. This exhibit highlights Maruca’s unique artistic vision that is the result of a contemporary woman that also understands from a historical and archeological point of view the roots in which Mestizaje is founded” says
Claudia Moran, Executive Director at Museo de las Americas.

This exhibit brings artists together to create a mosaic of interpretations to deconstruct the told story of La Malinche and to construct new narratives of what it means to be bilingual, biracial, bicultural and the
struggles that the colonized had to face and that Mestizos still feel nowadays. Generational trauma, and the value of one’s individual search for identity is addressed in this exhibition. As visitors reflect on La
Malinche, who she was, her struggles as a woman, and as an Indigenous person during the Spanish colonization, they start to form their own interpretations and their own conversations about the fema
experience, the experience of colonization and the path towards liberation.

La Malinche, 2021 Artist: Quintin Gonzalez

As a community museum, Museo de las Americas, provides a
platform for local talent to present, from a place of belonging, a contemporary and post-modern
interpretation of this icon with new ideas and perspectives. Quintin Gonzalez, Frank Zamora, Sylvia
Montero, Carlos Fresquez, Arlett Lucero, Karen Martinez, KARMA, Mario Zoots, Daniel Salazar, Delilah
Montoya and Anthony Garcia Jr. are the artists featured in Malinalli on the Rocks. There will be a remembrance piece for the late artist Alicia Cardenas since she was going to be part of this exhibition.

The works in Malinalli on the Rocks will take us to a profound journey that will question our own stereotypes and rules. A journey of liberation of what is meant to control us. This exhibit challenges viewers to reflect on the ideas of dual identity and liberation. It is an invitation to re-imagine a figure
categorized for some as a traitor and for others as a figure that showed extraordinary resilience and strength, and to recognize the complexity of her dual and powerful identify.

Museo de las Americas invites visitors to explore, question and reflect on how history is written and how we approach it nowadays. This exhibit brings a diverse group of artists that at some point of their lives
learned the story of La Malinche from different angles. The artists featured in this exhibition were thrilled to rediscover their Latinx and Chicanx roots and to share with visitors the interpretations they created of La Malinche and themselves as a part of a universal journey to liberation. “In today’s world, new interpretations may be the pathway for new aesthetics and visionary art of the Americas” said Maruca G. Salazar, Curator.

Malinalli on the Rocks will be on view from Thursday, March 17, 2022 to Saturday, July 23, 2022 at Museo.

About Museo de las Americas:
Museo de las Americas is the premier Latin American Art Museum of the Rocky Mountain region.
Located in the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe, Museo is dedicated to educate our community through collecting, preserving, interpreting, and exhibiting the diverse arts and culture of the Americas, from ancient to contemporary, through innovative exhibitions and programming

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