If Anything Can Break Down Cultural Barriers It’s Music. ‘Lucy Rose’ Soulful and Authentic, LLD Concert Review

Lucy Rose(left) with Monica Padilla (center) and Dana Hobaica (right) at the Larimer Lounge in Denver

Lucy Rose(left) with Monica Padilla (center) and Dana Hobaica (right) at the Larimer Lounge in Denver

Article & Photos by Monica Padilla and Dana Hobaica, Latin Life Denver Media

Lucy Rose, British indie folk singer and songwriter sweept into Denver this week with her sweet spirit, and her soulful voice.  She is petite and unpretentious, yet her presence solid and powerful; wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and flannel, it is obvious she is simply there to share her voice with the crowd, far from home.

Lucy-Rose-Review_300She instantly captures her audience attention; she leaves a mark indeed, as her voice echoes beautifully in the intimate space that is the Larimer Lounge and hypnotizes you with emoting feeling or perhaps nostalgia.  There’s something about her voice and her soft presence that for the duration of her performance moves you intimately to a space within yourself.

Lucy-Rose-Review_Album-coverLeave it to music, if anything can break down cultural barriers, if you are open, music is it. It is the universal heart language and if allowed, spans the language of hope and connection.  With every strum of the guitar the heart strings join the melody in the room, unaware of who is standing next to you, simply another fellow human, it doesn’t matter. Her songs speak to what life is about: the love, the disillusion with fate at times, the wounds and finding your way back… to good.  Her fans are worldwide, and growing.

Lucy Rose’s third album, “Somethings Changing” of which she sang many songs was inspired by what appears to be a soul-searching journey of much self-discovery through Latin America.  She reached out to her fans via Facebook in these regions and was met with request from; Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Belize, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Mexico.

She stayed in her fans homes and played wherever her fans booked her, spending real time with real people very different from her and in the end, not different at all, all wonderers of this life journey connected through lyrics and sound.

Maybe it’s in the cracking where we truly meet another, unmasked.