Las Adelitas “Celebrating the Arts Concert”

By Dianna Chavez, Photos by Las Adelitas photographer Celestina Popelka

It was a night of wonderful entertainment, yummy refreshments, and camaraderie as Las Adelitas Living the Arts presented its Las Adelitas, Celebrating the Arts Concert. Saturday, September 23rd at the Waterfront Event Center 10 Lakeside Lane in Denver

Emcee’s Yolanda Ortega and Debra Gallegos were marvelous with their high spirited cheerfulness and tender caring.
Outstanding performances by: Molina Speaks, Jamie/Flobots and Shamae Matthews, Las Dahlias, Magally Rizo and Las Adelitas musician Ana Baca. . Elegant face painting by Debbie Muniz and DJ Brandon Ramos spinning tunes  before and after event.

Adelitas Fund Raiser Sept. 24, 2017 (18)
For their many artistic talents and exemplary contributions in our community, it is with genuine pleasure to announce the following awards named in their honor.

Adelitas Fund Raiser Sept. 24, 2017 (53)

The Lawrence Martinez, “Art in Action” presented by former Denver City Councilwoman Ramona Martinez to Natalie L. Pacheco, an artist who has flourished in her talent with the support of Las Adelitas.

The Yolanda Ortega, Debra Gallegos, and Jesse Ogas  “Art Cures”
award introduced by Councilwoman Deborah Ortega, and given by
Yolanda and Debra to Ana Baca, Las Adelitas musician, also performed
Popouri Valses de Mexico and El Amor es Triste.

Adelitas Fund Raiser Sept. 24, 2017 (42)
Introduction of “Shine Bright, Purple Lights” developed by Andrea Popleka, a domestic violence survivor and speaker for Crime Victim
Advisory Council. 

Adelitas Fund Raiser Sept. 24, 2017 (32)
Please check out Las Adelitas Living the Arts wall display by our
artists, Natalie L. Paheco, Janet Reyna and photographer Celestina
Popelka at Chicano Arts and Humanities Council.
Las Adelitas Living the Arts strives to provide passionate personal support for Latinas, promoting their gifted talents in an artistically
creative atmosphere,

Photos by Las Adelitas photographer Celestina Popelka