Latinos Missing at Biennial of the Americas Events?

By Joe Contreras, Photos by Teddy Gomez & Joe Contreras Latin Life Denver Media, See Photo Galleries Below

Denver Latinas & Latinos have been notably missing from several of the events thus far at this year’s Biennial of the Americas events. Metro Denver is more than 30% Hispanic yet have been less than 5% of the attendees for the various clincas, symposiums, luncheons, music & art festivals, as well as other activities being held throughout the week. The week long event has brought more than 225 experts from throughout the Americas for Clinica Workshops, 30 global leaders, including two Presidents and two Mayors from Latin America are taking part. 25 countries are involved in this third edition of the Biennial of the Americas which is exclusive to Denver.

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The sold out Women’s Leadership “Now” luncheon held on Wednesday at the Seawell Grand Ballroom at the Denver Center of Performing Arts Complex featured moderator Alicia Menendez, anchor of FUSHION’s “Come Here and Say That” interviewing Patrica A. Milliaga, Senior Partner and President of the Mercer’s North America Region and Danielle Saint-Lot founder of the Haiti Women’s Foundation. The group discussed many issues affecting women throughout Latin America and the U.S. who are striving to ascend to the top ranks of leadership in business, government and community while serving as mentors to transform the lives of countless women throughout the Americas. Few Latinos were in the audience. Most were from Latin Life Denver Media.

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The evenings symposium at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House gathered an incredible panel of global business and environmental leaders talking about the challenges and opportunities facing the Americas in the coming decades.

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Moderated by Maria Bartiromo, Global Markets Editor, Anchor for Fox Business Network and Anchor, Fox News Channel the group debated the best and most responsible ways for investment & business to move forward in the Americas without ruining the environment and the social structure of the countries they are involved with.

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Alicia Lebrija Hirschfeld, Executive President of the Televisa Foundation said that without education and job opportunities in Latin America the coming years will bring chaos to the region. “More than 40% of the young people in these countries are not going to school and there are no jobs for them. They need to have opportunities for education and employment. Without that hope the security and stability of countires and the region will be seriously threatened,” she said.

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Gabriela Chilchilinisky, CEO of Global Thermostat, whose innovative company pulls carbon emissions out of the atmosphere, re-purposes it and sells it for a profit said that without environmental responsibility by multi-national corportations looking for profit, the extinction of the human race is imminent. “By the year 2050 there will not be enough water for the those inhabiting the planet. Basic needs of food, breathable air and bio diversity must be met first if we are to exist,” she said.

The panel also included Mike Fries, President and CEO of Liberty Global Inc. Jose Manuel Carrera, Director for Infrastructure and New Business Ventures for the Mexican oil company Pemex and Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. More than three hundred people attended the event. Few Latinos present and most of them were those who had come from outside the U.S. to be part of the Biennial. Patricia Barela Rivera, Owner, PBR Solutions, who is on the board of directors for the Biennial of the Americas was at both events. For schedule and information visit The Biennial of the Americas continues through July 19th.
About the Biennial of the Americas:
The Biennial of the Americas connects business, art, culture and civic leaders from throughout the Americas by building lasting relationships, addressing shared issues and inspiring action. Beginning July 14, 2015 with opening week events, and continuing through August 30, 2015, the Biennial of the Americas will feature groundbreaking art installations, engaging conversations, live performances and free festivals and programs that celebrate our shared cultural heritage and rich connection to the world around us.
The most inspiring artists, innovators and experts will explore the theme “NOW!,” examining today’s exceptional times in the Western Hemisphere. These events supplement the additional programs available at of art exhibits, symposium panels and clinicas produced by the Biennial of the Americas.
Major sponsors for the 2015 Biennial of the Americas include Liberty Global Inc., The Anschutz Foundation, Boettcher Foundation, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, EY, Escape Dynamics, Fundación Televisa, Itaú and Mercer.
For more information: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @biennialoftheamericas

Photos by Teddy Gomez & Joe Contreras Latin Life Denver Media

Business Now Symposium: Photos by Teddy Gomez