Noche de Museo Kindles The Harmonious Spirit Across Generations of Latinos in Denver

Photos by Victoria Paige Gonzalez, Museo de las Americas for Latin Life Denver Media (see photo gallery below)

Denver’s finest came out to support Museo de las Americas for a night of fun, food and cultura!

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The Museo has provided the Rocky Mountain region with a unique opportunity to showcase Latino art and culture through award-winning exhibitions and educational programming. They have received the most important recognition for an institution, which is the invaluable support from its own community.

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Museo de las Americas along with their partners, sponsors, and friends gathered on May 17th to celebrate all things Latinidad and the importance of Latinos in Denver’s thriving art scene. The annual fundraiser fiesta was held at Candela Latin kitchen in Denver’s Lower Highlands neighborhood and featured performances by Baila Conmigo and Son Solidaridad.

Victoria Paige Gonzalez,  Museo Marketing & PR Director  said Noche de Museo kindled the harmonious spirit across generations of Latinos in Denver.  “It has been refreshing to see the increasing turnout of Latinos at Museo de las Americas. I don’t see that happening in any other public art spaces. I sense an uprising of a new generation of influencers cultivating an oasis for Latinos to express themselves on their own terms. A contagious energy that has the power to bridge all cultures,” she said.

The Latin American art museum for the last 27 years has always strived to work toward representing the complexity of culture within a shared space. Whether those experiences are shared or different all can agree that Latinos are HERE and ever-changing. Over the years, Museo has built a haven to foster cultural awareness that stimulates dialogue to create a better understanding and acceptance of those who make up the fabric of this country.

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The country alone has 14 Latino art museums and Denver is the proud home of one of them. The Executive Director, Claudia Moran says, “Museums are important venues in which a society can define itself and present itself publicly. Museums solidify culture by endowing it with tangibility. Art exhibitions are privileged vehicles for the representation of individual and collective identities, whether they consciously set out to be so or not.” She adds, “Today and every day, we must assert our place in history and in the consciousness of those among whom we live!”

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The fundraiser continued with a silent and live auction to raise funds for their 9th annual Summer Arts and Culture Camp and Los Jovenes Leadership Lab. A program that will introduce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) into their curriculum that will provide the next generation with 21st century skills.

The longevity of this programming has really been a testament to the children who have passed through it. Mateo Gallegos, a student for the last nine years says,” The program has impacted the way I see myself as a leader within my community”. There is a strong emphasis on mentorship, leadership, activism, and community building through an art-integrated environment. This year, the kids will get to embark on an environmental and cultural journey through the country of Nicaragua. (Registration is still open)

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Be a part of the mission to bring Museo de las Americas into the future by becoming a member today! The support of active memberships brings the ability for a Museo to thrive, while creating opportunities to build a deeper relationship to your own cultural identity. Visit their membership page. (insert link)

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Photos by Victoria Paige Gonzalez, Museo de las Americas for Latin Life Denver Media