Strange times, Good Times & Great Times To Come

Good News! We interrupt the state of COVID-19 fear we are all experiencing with some good vibes. Yes while it is strange times we find ourselves living in all of a sudden, this too will pass.  At Latin Life Denver we would normally be gearing up to cover all the great festivals, community events, galas, concerts, theater plays and all the rest.

Instead we find ourselves hunkered down working from home with nothing to cover other than a virus which is devastating people and economies all over the world.

While we will continue to cover how the virus is affecting the Latino community in regard to immigration detention, work, housing, politics and other issues we also want to focus on those things that make us such a high spirited and positive people. Not just Latinos but everyone who enjoys all that life has to offer.

Over the next few weeks Latin Life Denver Media will post daily reminders of events that we have covered over the last ten years. Those happenings that brought us together to celebrate life and one another. Things that remind us of who we are as individuals, a people and a community.

Together we will persevere. Do not let fear overcome you. Stay positive and look forward to the many great times to come.  Experiences that we will once again be able to share with one another. has always considered itself to a “feel good” internet site. A place people can visit to get away from the stresses of daily life if only for a few minutes.

In that light who remembers the Soul Food Festival back in 2014 that featured Morris Day & The Time and our own Denver Mayor Michael Hancock? Check out the video and see the photo gallery below to see if you or any of your friends were there. Maybe reach out to them and share this post or one of the photos.  Also don’t forget to look for tomorrow’s installment of “Strange times, Good Times & Great Times To Come”.

Video by Latin Life Denver Media

Photos by Latin Life Denver Media