Latino Vietnam Veterans Honored In Emotional 50th Anniversary Ceremony

Photos by Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media (see photo gallery below)

More than 50 Colorado Latino Vietnam Veterans were honored in at the American GI Forum of Colorado Mile High Chapter’s 50th Vietnam War Anniversary Commemoration Ceremony September 16th.
GI Forum Vietnan Ceremony 2016 (57)
The event held at 1717 Federal Blvd. brought smiles and well as tears to not only the veterans but to their families and friends as well. It also brought out brought out the cameras as everyone wanted to capture the special moment of their loved ones.

The purpose of the ceremony was to thank and honor United States military veterans who served during the Vietnam War era who served on active duty from November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975.

Each Veteran was presented with a label pin during a formal ceremony what also honored those who died in service during the Vietnam War.

GI Forum Vietnan Ceremony 2016 (26)

The pins symbols included an eagle representing courage, honor and dedicated service to United States of America. Surrounding the eagle is a blue circle. The blue color matches the canton of the American flag and signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice. Included in the circle is a laurel wreath representing victory integrity and strength. The stripes behind the eagle represent the American flag.

GI Forum Vietnan Ceremony 2016 (74)

The stars represent the six allied nations that served sacrificed and fought alongside one another: Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Republic of Korea, Thailand and the United States. On the backside of the pin is the message, “A grateful nation thanks and honors you. The pin is worn close the the heart of the wearer.