Viva Mexico! Mariachi & Colorado Symphony Celebrate Mexican Independence Day…

Photos by Marta Welch for Latin Life Denver Media

Nearly than two thousand people came out the the Boettcher Concert Hall to enjoy “El Latir de Mexico” celebrating the 206th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico. The evening featured a concert with the Colorado Symphony performing along with Mariachi “Sol De Me Tierra” and tenor Jose Luis Duval. A civic ceremony preceded the concert with the Mexican Consul General¬† reenacting the symbolic ringing of the bell and the Grito (shout) of Viva Mexico.

The fifth annual El Latir de Mexico concert commemorates the independence of Mexico and celebrates Mexican culture and its many contributions to our history and our society. This celebration honors that after 300 years of Spainish rule, a group of Mexicans of native and European descent, led by priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla called the people to join the fight for liberty on the night of image2(2)September 15, 1810.image2(3) image3(1) image3(2) image4