‘Lindita’s Kitchen’ Now On LatinLifeDenver.com

By Latin Life Denver Media

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere! Now Lindita Torres Winters is on LatinLifeDenver.com with weekly installments of her cooking show, ‘Lindita’s Kitchen‘. Latin Life Denver is pleased to be a media sponsor of her show.

This was a 2 minute food competition that I entered… 4 recipes
It was a spread on a cracker, a dip with a chip, sandwich roll, tortilla wrap

“Lindita’s vibrant enthusiasm and never ending bubbly energy, plus her culinary skills bring such a positive spark to the world of broadcast culinary education and entertainment,” said Joe Contreras, President & CEO of Latin Life Denver Media.” There are so many media choices these days where people can learn secrets and tips for cooking Latin cuisine but Lindita brings a special fun quality that people can relate to, enjoy and learn from,” he said.

Linditas Kitchen TV Show is also currently airing on Aurora TV, YouTube, Apple TV, Roku. But the easiest way to find her show will be on the home page of LatinLifeDenver.com. Lindita is also a food columnist for the Aurora Sentinel Newspaper as well as a board member on several community organizations. She is also the Founder of Lindita’s Instant Salsa Mixes & Spices. Her products can be found on her website: https://www.linditassalsa.com/

Her show will appear in weekly installments on LatinLifeDenver.com. Each week will bring new ideas and recipes often with surprise guests.

Are you ready for a fun show or what!? My sister Chavalita joined me in the kitchen to showcase how to make Barbacoa Chimichangas, Torres style! Chavalita also shares the vary special secret sauce… What is it? I guess you will just have to watch and see!

From ‘mango avocado & black bean salad’ to ‘calabacitas con pollo’ to ‘aqua caliente cornbread’ and so many more flavorful dishes, there is so much you can learn about Mexican, New Mexican and Texan Latin cuisine.

Like many Chicanas, Lindita creditas her cooking skills to the influence of her mother and grandmother but she also says that other Latin chefs have influenced her career. Among them is Pati Jinich of Pati’s Mexican Table. You may have seen her Mexican cooking show on PBS television. Pati and Lindita have nurtured and kept alive traditional Mexican cuisine sharing secrets, tips and recipes for everyone to enjoy.

“I remember entering a cooking contest many years ago,” said Lindita. “I can’t remember what I cooked, it was so long ago. But Pati was one of the judges of the contest. I really didn’t know who she was back then but over the years I have followed and been inspired by her television show.”

“Well, a couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to see her speak in Denver. The Mexican Cultural Center had brought her in and Latin Life Denver provided me with a press pass. Following her presentation, I introduced myself as Lindita. She stepped back, and exclaimed, “Oh Lindita, I remember you, you entered that cooking contest a few years back. Personally, I thought you should have won,” she said. “I was shocked!” says Lindita, “Both by that she even remembered me, but that she stated that I should have won. Wow! She even signed one of her books for me.

Learn more about Lindita in our next feature article “Lindita, From Child Migrant Farm Worker To Celebrity Chef & More” coming soon on LatinLifeDenver.com.