Spaced Out! ‘The Infinite, Space Explores’, Now at Aurora’s Stanley Marketplace thru May 5th

By Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media

I have always been fascinated by rockets and space travel. I remember getting up super early as a kid to watch the blast off of the Mercury, Gemini and later the Apollo space rockets. While the other kids were assembling plastic model cars I was putting together model rockets and spacecraft.

I have visited several space exploration attractions including the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. and several others.

So when Space Explorers ‘The Infinite’ stopped by the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora I just had to go explore what all the fuss was about. It had already made stops across the US and Canada entertaining more that 300,000 visitors around the world, so it was time to catch up.

Upon arriving I was escorted into a waiting line that traversed kiosks that featured astronauts that have travelled to the International Space Station. I was surprised by how many women have been there. Then to a waiting room with an array of light patterns accompanied by informational voice overs.

Waiting area prior to entering the actual Infinite Space Explorers 360 experience.

After a brief orientation of what to expect and how to put of the super advanced VR (Virtual Realty) gear I was sent off into space via the VR headset into a big black room that instantly placed me in the space station 227 miles above the earth.

I felt I was actually on board floating around the confines of each portion of the space craft. With the touch of a floating glowing orb of light I was transported to some other part of the space station. An astronaut would greet me and tell me what was going on as well as what he/she was doing there.

There were many of those glowing orbs, too many to explore in one visit. Before I knew it, I was guided to a seated viewing area outside the space station, as part of a spacewalk installing, who knows what equipment, to the space station. I could see the earth rotating beneath me in all it’s blue and white cloud glory. Tilting my head I could see the moon, then in front of me a beautiful sunlit horizon. It is truly an immersive 360 degree experience.

I was taken back by how lonely and cold but peaceful the space station must be. The Star Trek Enterprize it is not. Not yet anyway. The corridors are cramped, full of wires, cables, equipment and insulation padding. Passageways are small, only enough for one person at a time. I was left appreciating what these people do to exist in such conditions for such long periods of time in their quest to expand space exploration.

It was all amazing and a bit overwhelming. I felt as though I might fall into the abyss if I didn’t watch my step. Each step I took was with great care. I was literally spaced out. Something I laughed at when I took off the VR gear afterwards.

 Inspired by NASA missions, the imagery is actual video shot by space station astronauts, not computer or AI generated. This is the real deal.

The whole tour takes about an hour. There is a fascinating short video at the end showing the launch of the rockets that take various parts of the International Space Station into space. Don’t space out viewing that.

If you have ever wondered what life must be like on the International Space Station What is it like inside and outside of that vehicle. What must the views of the earth, the moon and outer space be like from there well here is your chance to find out.

The Infinity Experiences, is made possible by Felix & Paul Studios and PHI Studio in association with
Denver Center for the Performing Arts

‘The Infinite’ will be at the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, CO until May 5, 2024

Tickets are on a time basis and cost $25 for children and $45 for adults.

Age Requirement: Designed for ages 13+.  Children under the age of 8 will not be admitted. Those aged 8-12 will require a waiver signed by their parent/guardian before beginning the experience.