Los Tesoros de San Anotonio Get The Panchanga Started! Denver Chicano Music Festival Underway…

Denver was in for a treat at the opening of the 15th Annual Chicano Music Festival.
In their 90’s and 80’s these famous women singers came to Denver as part of their musical resurgence and they loved every minute they were on stage performing with Mariachi Vasquez.

Chicano Music Festival day 1 July 26, 2017 (93)
They were there for the debut of a film that tells their life’s stories. Also in Denver for the debut were the producers of the movie Jesse Borrego, A Hollywood star in his own right, along with his brother James Borrego and filmmaker Jorge Sandoval.

Las Tesoros de San Antonio tells the stories and legacies of four South Texas singers of yesteryear. Rita “La Calandria” Vidaurri, Blanquita Rodriguez “Blanca Rosa”, Beatriz “La Paloma del Norte” Llamas, and Anita Janet Cortez “La Perla Tapatia”

Chicano Music Festival day 1 July 26, 2017 (62)

Through their stories and music the audience learns how these women began their careers in a male dominated industry to become successful singer/performers nationally and internationally.

The Chicano Music Festival continues through Sunday July 30th


Photos by Joe Contreras, Latin Life Denver Media