Su Teatro Presenta Real Women Have Curves March 12 – 29

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Su Teatro will present Real Women Have Curves, March 12-29, 2015 written by Josefina Lopez and directed by Debra Gallegos. The play will run Thursday-Saturdays at 7:30, with a special matinee performance Sunday March 29th. Tickets are on sale now and may be purchased by calling (303) 296-0219, or by going on line at

Set in 1987, in an East Los Angeles sewing factory (a very sweaty sweat shop) 5 women face the challenges of life, such as love, economics and citizenship status with humor, intellect and charm. The story revolves around a group of Latinas, who work in the dress shop and their need to fulfill a large order. But the play is really about the dreams and aspirations of women who live on the margins of society who don’t fit into the idealized color and size of what women should be. It offers a unique and important perspective into many issues, including body image, that affect us all.
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Josefina Lopez’s first full-length play, Real Women Have Curves, is based on her own experiences in her sister’s sewing factory in Los Angeles. Long ago Lopez was an undocumented, 17-year-old living in fear of being picked up by the INS.

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However, today she is a relatively successful playwright as Real Women Have Curves has been produced around the country. The award-winning play was the basis for the successful film, “Real Women Have Curves” which featured America Ferrera in the title role as well as George Lopez, and Lupe Ontiveros.

Provocative Comedy

Real Women have Curves introduced ground breaking conversation when it first was produced, as it portrayed provocative discussions that were somewhat taboo within the Latino community, but also placed Latinas within the discourse of feminist politics. The play delivers on many levels, but never misses a beat when it comes to humor. The five women are interesting, endearing and vulnerable. They approach the difficulty of their lives always with a sense of dignity often hard to capture.
Join “Real Women Speak”

The production is an opportunity for a greater community to engage in dialogue of the massive and the mundane of “Real Women’s” lives. Su Teatro will feature an online conversation with cast members entitled, “Real Women Speak” featuring candid opinions on a variety of issues that women, and specifically Latinas encounter.
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Tickets are on sale now, prices are $20 general admission and $17 students and seniors, special group rates are available. Call (303) 296-0219 or Real Women Have Curves written by Josefina Lopez and directed by Debra Gallegos, will run March 12-29, 2015 Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30, and will offer one matinee performance on March 29th at 2pm

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