SCIENCE. FASHION. IMPACT. An educational high fashion GALLERY to support cancer education and research.

Local company, ÉSTAINE will be hosting an elegant evening of art and fashion, where beautiful luxury accessories become educational canvasses to help fight the war on cancer.

Microscopic images of tissue and diagnostic tests crafted into art on the most beautiful of Italian fabrics will tell not only stories of survivors, but also explain the science behind and importance of early cancer detection.

Join a one-of-a-kind evening: enjoy exquisite hors d’oeuvres, wine, science, art and fashion, while you learn and make an impact in the battle against cancer.

All proceeds from tickets and a portion of art/accessories sold will benefit, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer.

The event will be held Friday, Oct. 23rd from 6-10 p.m. at the Fashion Design Center, located at 3301 Lawrence Street, Ste. 3.


ÉSTAINE is a Colorado based company that designs and produces luxury fashion inspired by the hauntingly beautiful shapes, colors and patterns of dyes used in medical diagnosis.

Through the sale of exquisitely striking fashion ÉSTAINE helps fight the war on cancer by revenue sharing and sparking conversations that can lead to early detection.

Founder, Zofia Wosinska, is a PhD dye chemist and cancer researcher.  Co-founder, Jeremy Picker, is a fashion guru, owner of and a proud cancer survivor.

 “We want everyone to be talking about the science of a diagnosis.  What is a biopsy?  What tests are out there? How do they pave the way to a cure? Unfortunately, few know the answers before they face that frightening moment, when they must.  Through the gallery we not only want to raise funding for, but also to instill the importance of being aware — and I sincerely hope encourage even one person to see a doctor earlier.”

– ZW


“Zofia wanted to “support cancer patients … Now she is—in maybe not the way you think a Ph.D. chemist would.”  Wharton Magazine From Wharton Application Essay to Cancer-Curing Fashion

In a “unique way, ÉSTAINE is bringing to light such an important topic through fashion.”  Fashion Times ÉSTAINE Transforms The Science Of A Cancer Diagnosis Into Fashion With A Purpose

“It is this genuine passion and deep conviction that we can all help drive change through our purchasing decisions that defines the new generation of Millennial entrepreneurs like Wosinska and Picker.” Caldy Group When Doing Good Is Beautiful

ÉSTAINE is selected as the Bloomberg West BWEST BYTE.  Bloomberg Business Week Honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a Pocket Square

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The Fashion Design Center is Denver’s revolutionary garment district for small lines with big plans. The space offers a unique ambiance and will be a fitting backdrop for this inaugural event.

Lisa Ramfjord Elstun, FDC’s founder and an award-winning couture fashion designer, believes having ovarian cancer twice as a young mother, gives her a motivating perspective on life in that she lives every day to its fullest.  Through the FDC project she helps up-and-coming designers reach their dreams.

“Opening FDC Denver’s doors for the ÉSTAINE gallery brings great joy in being able to share their breathtaking artistic designs created to fight the many forms of an incredibly destructive disease.”


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