Museo de las Americas

ALTAR’D CONTINUUM: Resistance and Empowerment in Sacred Spaces, At Museo de las Americas Through Feb. 1, 2020

Seven local artists construct altars combining their own work with Museo’s collection objects in a demonstration of the altar’s inherent transcendence of time and space….

Museo de las Americas is hosting their annual Noche De Museo fundraiser at Skylight Venue and you are invited! June 28

Noche de Museo – Puerto Rican Rhythms on Friday, June 28th

“It’s Not About What You’re Looking At But What You See” Espacio Liminal | Liminal Space Opens At Museo Thru Aug. 24

Colorado Artists Explore The Evolution of Latino Identity;  “Espacio Liminal/Liminal Space,” March 21-Aug. 24, Museo de las Americas

Out Of This World, EL INFINITO! To Infinity & Beyond! Thru Feb. 23

To Infinity & Beyond! “INFINITO” at Museo de las Americas Thru February 23, 2019

Noche de Museo Kindles The Harmonious Spirit Across Generations of Latinos in Denver