International Ski Fashion Gear & Accessories Featured at Denver Snowsports

International brands were on hand in Colorado showing off next year’s models of ski’s, snowboards, boots, poles, helmets and accessories and Latin Life Media was there to take in the sights, sounds and feel of the freshest gear around. Fresh snow dusted the mile high city while over 1,000 brands kanoodled at the Colorado Convention Center to talk all things Snowsports sponsored by SIA (Snowsports Industries America).
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From bluetooth gloves to goggles with a built in camera by Zeal Optics, the technology was definitely forward thinking. On an apparel front Neff showed off with some of the freshest prints on the market. They featured jackets with a colorful safari and hamburger, fried eggs or bacon options on their backpacks. The digital screen printing world has played a big role in the next generation of fresh outerwear. Keeping gear fashion forward makes perfect sense as over 50% of all snow sports enthusiasts are between the ages of 18-34.
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Now we’re seeing everything become a lot more abstract – like camo-floral – and fluid softer, organic prints,” says Lane Fowlerof NILS. “Maybe it has to do with how everything, even people are becoming more self-aware, more organic and it’s feeding into what we see in fashion.”
Online and in store snow sports purchases last year accounted for nearly $3 billion dollars in sales. It is big business which might be the reason why there are new entrants to the market every year. For example, who knew there were so many options with socks? Fun prints, state of the art composition and the “oh so sweet feeling” of getting your feet hugged has been perfected by Wigwam who has earned their title as the PERFORMANCE sock company. I know first hand how their socks keep a gal’s feet warm and dry on the slopes. There is nothing better than having warm toes and a warm seat on the slopes. Yes, I said a warm bum! The must have accessory from the show (for me) was Ass which is a bike short with innovative and aggressive tailbone protection. As snowboarders we tend to take micro-breaks on the slopes. Ass Armor not only protected my assets, the D3O impact protection also made it bearable and comfortable to sit in the snow from time to time.
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The on snow demo in Copper Mountain lent itself to the biggest brands in the business turning out boards, skis, freeboards (a skateboard contraption with no bindings) and even bikes for snow sport attendees to ride. There is an organic and natural woodgrain look on the horizon and a local company out of Breckenridge has quite the showcase. Skilogik www.skilogik.comare master ski makers and have committed to the polished wood grain look in their latest collection of skis. Their inventory of skis are quite the attention grabber. If you are in the market for a new pair of skis they have what you want and need.
I wish I could feature all of the great brands and new technology, but that would take more than a lifetime. Instead, I will just give a quick shout to some of the dope gear not mentioned above.
Jessica’s Snowboard Must Haves:
#5 Electric California Eye Candy
#4 Monster Garb Coat for the Kiddos
#3 DeeLuxe Snowboard Boots
#2 Adidas  Old School Shell Toe Boots (gold chain not included)
#1 Weston Snowboard
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