Lady Gaga…or shall we say “Joanne” Rocked Denver…Concert Review

Article & photos by Monica Padilla & Dana Hobaica

Lady Gaga graced Denver with a spectacular and sold out show on Tuesday December 12, 2017.  The Pepsi Center was transformed into a big Lady Gaga playground with Gaga herself dancing from one end of the center to the other by a series of bridges and platforms. The range of Gaga is infinity! She can go from playing the keytar while dancing all the choreography to one of her biggest hits like Poker Face to intimately singing songs like The Edge of Glory and A Million Reasons with just her and her piano.

Lady gaga.jpg_2

The crowd was passionate as new and old “Little Monster Fans”, sang, danced, and praised the Mother Monster. Lady Gaga wowed the crowd with over ten dazzling fashion outfit changes and performed 24 songs, including her entire latest album Joanne and some of her greatest hits. It was truly what we would expect from the one and only LADY GAGA, a true musician, artist and a true inspiration to the masses.

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Lady Gaga mentions equality, vulnerability and acceptance several times in her show.  She empowers everyone from all walks of life (straight, gay, skinny, fat, black, brown, white, rainbow color, tall, short, and everything in between) to be who they truly are and walk their truth.  Her values of freedom, authenticity, kindness and courage are felt in the midst of her performance.

Lady gaga

Interwoven so naturally she talks openly and with vulnerability about her own pain, perseverance, and healing.    At the grand finale Lady Gaga has truly inspired and reached the deep places of the heart, as many in the crowd are filled with tears of hope.  Her beautiful reminders of “we all just have to love one another, leave here loving yourself more and being more kind to someone else” truly reach home.  Let’s truly embrace her statement, “I believe there is still kindness in this world”.   (Bellos recordatorios de la artista Lady Gaga “todos tenemos que amarnos unos a otros, ámense más y sean más amables con los demás”.  Vamos a vivir con este recordatorio, “Creo que todavía hay bondad en este mundo”).


Thank you lovely Lady Gaga for showing up with so much LOVE……………