A Bit Of The Bronx In All Of Us…A Bronx Tale Theatre Review

foreground, l to r) Haley Hannah, Joseph Sammour, Joshua Michael Burrage, Giovanni DiGabriele, Sean Bell, Kyli Rae. (background, l to r) Robert Pieranunzi, Michael Barra, Paul Salvatoriello and Mike Backes. Photo: Joan Marcus

By Gina Del Castillo for Latin Life Denver Media

Each generation along with it various ethnicities has those elements that shape the character of the individuals  that make it unique, Their distinct music, language and fashion that is all their own. From beatniks to zoot suiters to rappers, from the 50’s, 6o’s through today each has it’s own style and culture.

Frankie Leoni (Young C) and Richard H. Blake (Lorenzo) Photo: Joan Marcus.jpg

Frankie Leoni (Young C) and Richard H. Blake (Lorenzo) Photo: Joan Marcus.jpg

Directed by Robert De Niro and Jerry Zaks A Bronx Tale is a wonderful reflection of a slice of life for Chazz Palminteri that goes beyond coming of age for a young Sicilian boy who at the age of 10 was beyond his years in knowing the unwritten rules of the streets.

His life unfolds depicting the messages heard from his loving and devoted father of love and loyalty to family and tradition. Set in the heart of the Bronx where the “Good Fellas” ruled the corner and you knew your place; and in a time where outside the community was also experiencing the pressures of social change of racism, bigotry, violence, class distinction and traditions.

Reminded me of the time in the 1960’s when the infamous Smaldone family ruled North Denver. Their Mafioso infuence still celebrated at the Gaetano restaurant at 38th &  Tejon through photos of them and their various celebrity ties.
The play opens with a definite beat of the music that reflects the sound of the doo-wop era that sets the stage for honest and open in your face reality.

The BRONX TALE has it all. The music is powerful as it welcomes you to go back in time and “get it”. If you grew up in “the hood”, you will understand the nuances of what the neighborhood culture comes with and appreciate the blend of then and now.
The story told visually through the amazing acting, singing and choreography of some very talented individuals.

The enthusiasm of this story will take you to new heights.
A BRONX TALE is a “must see”! Your senses will take through the range of emotions. You will laugh at the life experiences you can relate to, gasp at the bold in your face reality of the time, and yes, cry as you can feel the love and passion of life’s experience we can all relate to in loss, love and regret.

Bronx Tale plays the Buell Theatre through January 20th.

For Tickets Visit: www.denvercenter.org