The Denver Museum of Nature & Science will offer a full schedule of temporary exhibitions, IMAX films, SCFD Community Free Days, and dozens of educational programs for curious minds of all ages in 2019. Below are highlights for the coming year.


The Museum will offer 11  Community Free Days and Nights, made possible by the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District.
Jan. 27
Feb. 11
April 3 (5 – 10 p.m. only)
April 28 (Día del Niño)
June 2
July 2 (5 – 10 p.m. only)
Aug. 26
Sept. 29
Oct. 14
Nov. 17
Dec. 8
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Reservations and a complete list of offerings are at Schedules subject to change.



March 1 – Aug. 21 • • special ticket required

Inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer, architect, sculptor, philosopher. Although Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519, his influence has endured. His extraordinary legacy comes to life in “Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius,” the most comprehensive exhibition about Leonardo ever presented.

You will be introduced to Leonardo through replicas of his codices that were carefully re-created in Italy. These famous books of notes and sketches remain the primary insight into his genius. The creators of the exhibition, Grande Exhibitions of Australia, built some of Leonardo’s inventions using his detailed concepts, working in collaboration with Museo Leonardo da Vinci in Rome and experts from Italy and France.

Examine more than 70 replicas and see how Leonardo’s fundamental scientific and artistic principles continue to impact the world. His inspiration laid the groundwork for many machines and devices, including the helicopter, airplane, automobile, submarine, scuba gear, and military tank.
Explore the exclusive “Secrets of the Mona Lisa,” an analysis of the iconic painting conducted at the Louvre by scientific engineer and photographer Pascal Cotte. The display features super-magnified visual examinations and the only 360-degree replica ever made of “Mona Lisa.”
Become immersed in Leonardo’s works through a multisensory cinematic experience using Grande Exhibitions’ SENSORY4 technology. High-definition motion graphics and surround sound, combined with photography and video footage, saturate the gallery.
Test a Leonardo-inspired catapult and create your own codex page with a self-portrait or still life.
Encounter the Museum’s historical enactors, on hand to present characters who bring a personal perspective to the story of Leonardo.

The experience has been created by Grande Exhibitions and Pascal Cotte. The exhibition is presented in Denver by the Sturm Family Foundation.


April 12 – Aug. 14 • • included with Museum admission

Your senses are one of those things you don’t think much about, yet they are constantly at work shaping your perception of the world. Now they get the scientific spotlight in “Our Senses: Creating Your Reality,” an exhibition for the whole family that playfully reveals how and why what we perceive is not all, or exactly, what’s actually going on around us. In a series of interactive galleries, guests enjoy some “sensory overload” as they play with color, patterns, sound, scents, and touch and discover how there’s so much more to our senses than just the usual five.


Sept. 13 – Jan. 5 • • included with Museum admission

“Extreme Sports: Beyond Human Limits” takes guests inside the minds and bodies of extreme athletes to explore the psychology, physiology and physicality of some of the most extreme activities in the world. In this high-energy exhibition, guests experience the thrill of extreme sports in exciting, interactive exhibits and immersive environments. Meet passionate athletes, hear their incredible stories and take in the artistry, motivation and thoughtfulness that goes into everything they do.


Oct. 11 – March 29 • • special ticket required

“The Science Behind Pixar” is an interactive exhibition showcasing the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts used by the artists and computer scientists who help bring Pixar’s award-winning films and beloved animated characters to the big screen. The experience takes guests through the filmmaking process using hands-on activities inspired by some of Pixar’s most treasured films, from “Toy Story” to “Inside Out.” The experience offers an unparalleled view of the production pipeline and concepts used at Pixar every day. Participate in fun hands-on activities, listen to firsthand accounts from the production teams, and come face-to-face with re-creations of your favorite Pixar film characters, including Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Mike and Sulley, Edna Mode and WALL•E!


Tickets and schedules at


Opens Jan. 24

Marvel at one of nature’s most breathtaking shows as you explore molten worlds and exploding craters across the globe. For billions of years, volcanoes have helped create the world we know. The continents, the air we breathe, even life itself all have their origins in fire. With more than 500 active volcanoes, the Earth is bursting at the seams with these forces of “mass construction.” Travel alongside intrepid explorer Carsten Peter as you dodge boulders at the edge of an active volcano in Indonesia, descend to a lava lake in Vanuatu, visit incredible mineral deposit fields in Ethiopia and explore the archaeological ghost town of Pompeii.


Opens March 14

Best friend, indeed. You will be awed by the life-saving superpowers and extraordinary bravery of some of the world’s most amazing dogs. In this inspiring story, journey around the globe to follow remarkable dogs that save lives and share a powerful bond with their human partners. Meet the superhero canines: Halo, a rookie puppy training to join one of the most elite disaster response teams in America: Henry, an avalanche rescue expert in the Canadian Rockies; Reef, a Newfoundland lifeguard with the Italian coast guard; Ricochet, a California surf legend helping people with special needs; and Tipper and Tony, the bloodhound brothers, leading the fight to save endangered species in Africa


Some of your Hollywood favorites are coming to Phipps IMAX Theater! The Museum includes previously released cinematic features in our IMAX lineup. Showtimes and tickets at


Third Thursday of the month • 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. •

Enjoy entertainment, mind-expanding science, and cocktails each month at the Science Lounge. For ages 21 and up.


March 2 • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. •

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science and CBS4 are excited to host the annual Girls & Science event, where girls and their families will meet women scientists and experience the many diverse opportunities a future in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math can bring. This day is all about igniting a passion for science – so try it on, test it out and play! Included with general admission.


June 14

Just walking in the Museum is a feast for the senses. So much to see, hear, and touch. Let’s take it to the next level and explore how all may not be what it seems during the annual fundraising gala, Museum After Dark: Perception! Inspired by the temporary exhibition “Our Senses,” this immersive experience shows why we have senses, how they work and how our brains play a very unique role. Using the technology and lens of human biology, guests will enjoy live entertainment, interactive science demonstrations, and a progressive dinner, featuring the science of food with a focus on just about everyone’s favorite sense: taste! One-hundred percent of the funds raised will provide catalytic experiences that inspire minds to think, learn and grow through science.

Dates and times are subject to change.

About the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is the Rocky Mountain Region’s leading resource for informal science education. Our mission is to be a catalyst and ignite the community’s passion for nature and science. The Museum envisions an empowered community that loves, understands and protects our natural world. A variety of engaging exhibits, discussions and activities help Museum visitors celebrate and understand the wonders of Colorado, Earth and the universe. The Museum is located at 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO, 80205. To learn more about the Museum, visit or call 303.370.6000. Many of the Museum’s educational programs and exhibits are made possible in part by the citizens of the seven-county metro area through the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). The Museum is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. Connect with the Museum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.