For the Love of Tupperware: Dixie’s Tupperware Party Naughty, Raunchy &….?

Review by Monica Padilla, Latin Life Denver Media

Having never attended Dixie’s Tupperware Party it was quite exciting to be greeted and invited to put on a name tag and enjoy the specialty drink of the night, Dixies own, “Trailer park trash punch”! To my surprise, I was greeted by Dixie Longate herself (Dixie is not a drag queen rather instead she is much like Dame Edna, Dixie is a character/persona. Kris Anderson is the playwright) wearing a red wig, checkered short dress and stellar heels.

Denver Center_Dixie's Tupperware Party_(c)Bradford Rogne

Denver Center_Dixie’s Tupperware Party_(c)Bradford Rogne

She offered me a mint in her southern, Alabama voice and welcomed me to a “real” Tupperware party complete with catalogs and the option to buy the Tupperware seen on stage after the show. She just might convince you that you are missing out if you do not own Tupperware.  Let the fun begin!  Dixie is a one woman show like no other, full of Tupperware, stereotypes, sexual innuendos and some audience participation.

She reviews her own history having moved her trailer from Alabama to California as a condition of her parole officer to get her three children back; her motivation to become an independent woman came from her resiliency in leaving a domestic violent relationship.  There are a few moments in which she gives kudos to Brownie Wise (top seller and innovator of Tupperware parties in 1950’s) and to the human spirit of tenacity.

SPOILER ALERT:  the one moment of non-comedic truth came when she gives her inspirational message on the ripple effect our choice might have and our impact on the lives of others and few brief lines on believing in yourself.  The majority audience, Dixie herself in an interview said and I can probably vouch for is, “straight Republican white woman”.  There you go, you’ve been informed.  If you’re looking for an adult only evening that is naughty, quite possibly raunchy, a couple inappropriate racial undertones, lots of laughs, are not easily offended, and love Tupperware- then this party is for you!


Now playing at the Garner Galleria thru August 6th, 2017.  For tickets check